Dec 042012
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I am a huge fan of Bar Keeper’s Friend when it comes to cleaning my home.  It has a light smell, and it is extremely effective.  I use it to scrub the shower, my sinks, and I even use it on my kids play table when they get crayons and markers on the surface.

Right now there is a coupon for .50 available for print! If you are a fan as well, I figured you might be interested! FYI, they carry it at Walmart and Target.

CLICK HERE–>$0.50 off ONE (1) BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cleanser. Only available while supplies last.

Plus, check out these ways I Use It For Home Improvement!

I Got My Grout Clean Today! A Frugal Living Tip!

I Got My Smooth Top Range Clean Today! A Frugal Living Tip!


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