Homemade Christmas Ornaments with Beads! A Quick and Simple Kid’s Craft!


Homemade Ornaments

This Holiday season, my kids and I have really gotten into making homemade ornaments.  When I was in school, we made items like this all the time, and I in turn gave them to my parents and other family members. There is just something really special about a present that is original, created by little hands, and truly valued by the giver and receiver.

I remembered making beaded ornaments one year and recalled just how much pride I had in my creation.  I decided to share this craft with my children as well.

All you need for this craft is:

  • scissors
  • fuzzy sticks AKA pipe cleaners
  • crafting Tri-Beads, clear or multicolored (Michaels carries these so make sure you print a coupon)
  • string or ribbon
  • some creativity

To get started, I looped and twisted the end of the pipe cleaner and set my kids up with beads. I let them decide what colors they wanted and gave them full creative rights.

They simply slide the beads onto the pipe cleaner and once it was filled, I wrapped the excess pipe cleaner around the loop.

We ended up with very colorful wreaths, but what was also nice is the fact that we could make shapes with the pipe cleaners like bells, diamonds, or hearts.  I also cut the pipe cleaners to create stars and snowflakes.

When we were finished, I ran a piece of shiny ribbon I got from the dollar store through the loop so the ornaments could be hung up. My daughter has gotten a kick out of hanging her ornaments on presents for her grandparents.

The possibilities are endless with this craft, and you and your children can be as creative as you like. Hope you enjoy it this Holiday Season!



  1. jill kroetz says:

    fyi you can purchase all these items at the dollar tree also

  2. I have some snowflake bead ornaments that I made as a kid and they go on my tree every year. Thanks for the reminder I will have to do this and make new ones.

  3. Those are so cute! We have several of the beaded wreath ornaments that my kids have made over the years.

  4. Cute craft and great way to keep the kids busy.

  5. What a great project, love it! Brought back good memories. My grandmother made ornaments similar to these and I still hang them on our tree each year.

  6. These ornaments are so easy to make and really nice. The kids would really enjoy making these and personalizing them.

  7. These ornaments are really nice and look easy to make. My kids would love making these and personalizing them.


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