This Year’s Trip to the Food Pantry! Teaching My Children To Give This Holiday Season!


This Year's Trip to the Food Pantry! Teaching My Children To Give This Holiday Season!

During this time of the year, I like to remind my kids that there are little boys and girls that might be going hungry, and how important it is for us to give in order to help those families in need.

This is a tradition we started a few years back when my grandmother asked that in lieu of giving her gifts for Christmas, that we donate to a local food pantry. I decided that instead of writing a check, I would take my kids to the grocery store, pick up food items, and hand deliver them to the organization. This way, my kids could see how their actions really made a difference. I have made this trip to our local food pantry to donate goods for the past 3 years. Here is last year’s visit The Kid’s Donation Trip to the Food Pantry. A Lesson in Caring this Holiday Season!

Since this was a teaching moment, I started talking about what we were going to do about a week in advance. We then went to our local Publix Supermarket, and took advantage of a current Buy One Get One Free Sale for canned vegetables.  This gave us the ability to stretch our donation a little further. I then took the kids to the Food Pantry and they helped carry the items and place them into the donation container.

After the drop off, we discussed how it felt to be hungry, and I asked could they imagine feeling that way all the time.  Their responses were “That would feel bad, or that would feel yucky”. Both of my kids still have much to learn about helping others in need, but I hope these continued trips each year along with other volunteer opportunities, will leave them thinking about how they can truly make a difference in other people’s lives.

Do you do anything with your kids to help them understand the importance of helping others? I would love it if you would share!

If you are looking to donate to a local food pantry, visit and look for the “FEEDING AMERICA IN YOUR COMMUNITY” tab on the right hand side of the page. If you still need further details, I suggest calling a local church in your community, and they should be able to direct you to an appropriate organization.



  1. That’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing & inspiring others to give too!

  2. This is a wonderful lesson all parents should be teaching their children and I applaud you for doing this. I believe if everyone was charitable there would be far less hunger in this world.

  3. Great job!!!

  4. I think this is awesome. Foodbanks are near and dear to MY heart and I support them in my community. I especially love seeing children helping out. Kudos to you for teaching them to help others.

  5. Thanks for inspiring me to make a difference!!

  6. This year my 6 year old actually taught me a little something about giving. For her birthday, she said she didn’t need anything. She has clothes, toys, and friends, so there really wasn’t anything she could think of that she wanted. Instead, she asked that we get toys for kids whose families couldn’t afford them. To be honest, the request shocked me. We don’t have much money, so I worried about how we would accomplish her request. It was one of those things we knew we really wanted to do for her, because it made us look at our own lists for her and think about how much better hers was. Then it came to me. I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Why not just set up a party in her name, then treat it like a fundraiser? She could use the money earned, and I would also donate the free rewards in the form of Scentsy Buddies (stuffed toys.)
    I opened the party, and my friends, family, and customers were as shocked as I was with her giving spirit. In return, we were humbled by their generosity in ordering from her party. My daughter earned over $70 and 4 Baby Buddies (partially donated from other parties.)
    We took the money to the local Ollies for her to shop, along with a 10% off coupon. She made sure she picked things for girls her age, babies, and little boys. We went to the register, and when the cashier made a comment about how lucky she was to be getting so many toys, she told the cashier what the items were for. In another turn of unexpected generosity, the cashier told us to put away the 10% off coupon, and he used his own 15% off coupon for her purchase. She was then able to buy a few more toys. She donated the gifts to the local Santa’s House.
    This experience was so moving and wonderful, that we have decided that regardless of if she decides to continue the tradition for her birthday, we will give up the month of commission, and use it for our kids to buy toys and donate them.
    Here’s a picture of her, right before we headed to drop off the toys. We are so, so proud of the young woman our baby is becoming!

  7. AMAZING & inspiring! Thank you for this wonderful idea. I want to do this with my kids.

  8. I love volunteering!! If you don’t teach kids when they are young and impressionable they may not understand the joy that comes from giving to others! Great Job!

  9. Thank you for sharing your family’s experience. I love how you have included them in the giving and think this is one of those life lessons that will stick with them forever.

    Happy holidays!

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