Starting Out My Little Guy on Homemade Baby Food! Let The Fun Times Begin!



I love his expression! He actually did like it.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have started my son on baby food. This actually will be the 3rd time that I have made my child’s baby food from scratch. I initially decided to do this to save money, but then I liked the idea of knowing exactly what my kids were eating.  Plus, as they got older, I would start adding the spices I used on our meals and by the time they got big enough to eat what we were eating, they had no problem transitioning over. I found the whole experience to be very rewarding.

I got the go ahead a few weeks ago to start my son on solids from my pediatrician and he reminded me to test out each food one at a time in order to detect allergies. I also asked if it would be O.K. for me to go straight to fruits or veggies and just skip rice cereal all together (I read that you could in a baby magazine article), and he said it was fine to do so.

This time I started out with bananas and my son went nuts over them. I fed him this for a week, just once a day.  It was the equivalent of maybe a quarter of a ripe banana mashed up. Here are some great baby food recipe ideas for Bananas:


The shocked look of trying green beans!

Our next adventure was green beans. I steamed them first and then pureed them in the blender along with some of the left over water from steaming.  I poured this puree into ice-cube trays and froze. I ended up feeding him a defrosted ice-cube of green beans once a day along with some bananas.

Everything up to the point seemed to be going fine, however about a week and half in, I noticed that he was getting constipated. I decided to stop feeding him the baby food until he had a regular bowel movement. FYI, Bananas are known to cause constipation.

He is now over 5 months and bowel movements are back to normal again, (thankfully) and I decided to started him again on food the week minus the bananas. Our next adventure will be sweet potatoes and we will see how it goes…

Do you have any recommendations of first foods for baby? Any great recipes?  I would love to hear them, feel free to leave a comment below.


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