What Is Your Organizational Style? This FREE Quiz Has The Answer and I Am A …?



So I took this fun quiz at Post-It this morning to see what my organizational style is.  And the answer is Curator!

What does a Curator mean? Well apparently, I have a system in place to help me avoid clutter. My goals are defined, my priorities are in order, and I know exactly what I’m looking for. Sounds about right (at least on a good day).

Do you know what your organizational style is? It is either an IMPROVISER, GATHERER, IMPLEMENTER, CURATOR, or CONDUCTOR!

CLICK HERE–> What Is Your Organizational Style? to find out!

Just click on the boxes to answer the questions and then hit the arrows to proceed to each screen. When you are finished you get your answer! Plus, as an option, you can sign up for coupons and special offers as well at Post It Perks!

Make sure you comment below when you finish, I’m interested to know what other moms and dads organizational styles are like!




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