Box Tops For Education, A Small Piece of Paper Makes A Big Impact! I Am Now A Coordinator!


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I have always wanted to be more involved with my son’s school, but since I have more than one kiddo, it is hard to actually get up there to volunteer sometimes. I have made it to a couple of events after arranging childcare, but this year it has been a little tougher with a baby under the age of 1.

Thankfully our school has been flexible with volunteer opportunities, and our family has done things after hours, donated books, and other family members have stepped up as well to help out. However, I wanted to do more.

Since pre-k, we have been clipping Box Tops for Education and sending them up to the school.  Not until last year did I realize how much of an impact each one of those 10 cent squares can make, especially when each family participates and turns them in. Depending upon the level of participation or the size of the student body, a school can really earn a substantial amount of money.  These funds can be used toward playground equipment, supplies, field trips, or wherever the school happens to have a need financially.

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Well, they happen to have an opening for the School’s Coordinator a couple of months ago, and guess who stepped up? That is right , ME!  Since it was paper work mostly, I knew this was something I could do at home.

I have to admit that I was a little intimidated as first, but thanks to other awesome moms who batch the box tops up as they come in (sets of 50) and the school’s willingness to send my communications out, it has been really organized. I actually just mailed in my first group of Box Tops at the end of February, and as far as I can tell I did it correctly since the check is scheduled to be mailed! Plus, we had an increase over the amount that was collected last year, so I am really excited!

So how do you get involved with your child’s school? Do you clip Box Tops for Education or happen to be a Coordinator? I would love to hear  from you!



  1. I loved reading your story. Congratulations on becoming a Box Tops Coordinator for your sons school. Way To Go! All you need is a Heart to truly Give Back, that’s all it takes! You are Making a Difference.

    I have been collecting Box Tops since 2002, though I did not have any children at the time, I found it important to give to our local schools, so I collected, clipped and mailed them in. In 2004 I gave birth to my son, who is now 9. I wanted to be actively involved in the Box Tops Programs at his schools, so in 2009, I asked to either share the program as Coordinator or enroll the program for the schools my son has attended. I am proud to say, I Raised the Bar with Box Tops for those schools.

    Monthly collections sheets, giveaways, posters at school, promoting through emails to parents, school website and facebook. I love the Box Tops Programs because it Works! The children get involved and are awarded with pizza parties, ice cream parties, award certificates and lots of giveaways. In 2012, I won the end of year sweepstakes for my school and received 10,000 Box Tops! So don’t forget to sign up daily for them, you could win too! Our schools now have money to purchase computers, supplies and so much more.

    I love being Coordinator for so many reasons, I help raise money for our school, I get to reward the children – love them, be creative with designing posters and having fun doing it, the opportunity to have met so many wonderful moms and dads at the Box Tops Universities (BTU). The BTU is for Coordinators only (you can bring a friend). General Mills and Box Tops offer a free seminar, which is usually held at a Hotel in your local area, you learn ways to promote the program, gain inspiration from other Coordinators, they announce new products, new merchants coming into the program, you receive 100 Bonus Box Tops and you go home with great giveaways and goodies.

    Meeting an incredible mom at the BTU who was as passionate about Box Tops as I was, I just had to keep in touch with her, we exchanged our emails and stayed in touch. I called Jamie on the phone one day and told her I wanted to create Box Tops Moms on Facebook and asked if she would join me in this journey, Jamies immediately said YES! We created our Box Tops Moms community page to network with other Box Tops Coordinators and Supporters from all over the world, creating a friendly platform for their ideas, photographs and Q’s&A’s, many have now made new friends. We have so much fun and have met so many incredible people over a little 10 cent coupon call Box Tops. We are a healthy and fun bunch of Box Toppers! We actually have a supporter from Hawaii!

    I will continue to support our Box Tops program even when my son graduates middle school.. lol

    Thank You!

    Anna :)
    Box Tops Mom and Coordinator
    New Rochelle, NY

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