Little Miss and Her First Day of Soccer Practice!



Soccer Practice2

It has been a busy couple of weeks in our household with swim class, ballet, and school. To top it all off, we just added soccer into the mix.

I feel that exercise is such an important concept to get kids interested in especially with all of the childhood obesity problems, and adult diseases like heart and diabetes. Plus, it teaches them team building skills that they can use in school and in the workplace as adults.  And, my kids love it for all the “cheering on” that they get, and the fact that we are spending time together as a family.

To prepare for Little Misses first practice, hubby took her out for father/ daughter time and got her “PINK” shin guards.  Well, I think if there was any apprehension on her part about soccer it went away because she loves pink. (FYI, they had them a K-Mart).Well, yesterday was my daughters first official soccer practice, and she did awesome! She definitely has some competitiveness in her, and she kept telling them to pass her the ball.


Soccer Practice


My son also had practice and I am amazed at all of the progress he has made in soccer skills. We are extremely proud of him. You can just see his mind working while he is out on the field preparing to pass or snag the ball.

So how do you get your kids interested in exercise? Are your children involved in any extra-curricular activities?  Would love to hear from you!


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