The Delicious Pairings of Starbucks Coffee and The Bakery at Walmart Helped Inspire Me For National Poetry Month!


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Starbucks Coffee and Walmart Brownie

“Starbucks Dark French Roast Coffee and Walmart Turtle Brownies are a match, and now I am in the know!”

I needed to pick up some milk and other household items at Walmart this past week, so I headed out after the kids went to bed. This was an opportunity to take some “Me” time, and get some much needed shopping done. While I was there, I was also on a mission to pick up the delicious pairings of Starbucks Dark French Roast Coffee and Walmart Turtle Brownies at the Walmart Bakery.

Walmart Brand Turtle Brownies

Since it was around 10:30pm, the store was relatively quiet and I went straight over to The Bakery to look for a Starbucks display.  However, there was not one present, so I proceeded to find the brownies and then went over to the coffee aisle and found the Starbucks Coffee products. I then picked up a bag of Starbucks Dark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee.

Starbucks Display at Walmart

Afterward, I walked the store for another hour or so and shopped. I went all over the place and ended up with a pair of shoes for my daughter, a beach towel and hand towel for my son’s bathroom, clothes for the baby, and seeds for our garden. Oh, and I also got a gallon of milk, juice boxes, and dish detergent. This was a typical shopping trip for me to Walmart, and I thought “Wow what a combination.” These were all things I needed, and I got it all done in one trip.

Brewed Starbucks Dark French Roast

When I got up the next day, I opened up my bag of coffee and a wonderful aroma rose up.  I ground the beans, set the coffee to brew, and went about my usual business first thing in the morning.  Once it was ready, I poured a cup of black coffee and took a little sip.  Now that is some strong coffee with bold flavors.  Brewing Starbucks at home was a new experience for me, since I usually brew medium strength coffee at home, and my experience with Starbucks has been in store.  I typically take the kids once a week for a treat to get a boxed vanilla milk, and I pick up a latte or Frappuccino.

Walmart Iced Turtle Brownie

Next, I tasted the brownie by itself, it was sweet.  It was covered with a rich chocolate icing with caramel drizzle and pieces of walnut. Then it was time to put the two together.  I took a bite of the brownie and then a sip. With this, no sugar was needed in the coffee. The sweetness cut through the strength of the coffee and together they were a great combination. After, I added milk and took another sip. I liked it either way, but I do prefer milk in my coffee. Starbucks Dark French Roast is intended to be served with complimentary notes of toasted nuts, caramelized sugar, and roasted vegetables.

I’m thinking pairings like this would make a great treat once a week for some “Me” time at home. I would now be open to using a stronger Starbucks coffee now that I know how to pair it. In addition, these would be great to use for entertaining when I have mommy friends over. Interested in making your own Delicious Pairing?  Look for the Starbucks display at The Bakery in your local Walmart.

Starbucks Dark French Roast and Walmart Turtle Brownie Picture

Since April is National Poetry Month, I was inspired by my experience to write the following poem.

Delicious “Me” Time by Carlee at Frugal and Fun Mom

I pour me a cup, I slice me a sliver, the moment is almost here,

I take a bite, I sip my drink, this me time is so dear,

The coffee is strong, the brownie is sweet, together they are a pair,

When they meet, the taste is divine, I think “Eat the whole brownie should I DARE?”.

I need to get moving, up and awake, but I sit and enjoy this meal,

However, in a bit the kids will be up, saying “Brownie for breakfast? Hey mom what’s the deal”.

I finish my drink, I clean off my plate, to the dishwasher it will go.

Starbucks Dark French Roast Coffee and Walmart Turtle Brownies are a match, and now I am in the know!

Have you combined coffee with your favorite pastries? If so, which ones have you tried?


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  1. I love your poem!

  2. So glad you got to enjoy that yummy “breakfast” without interuption! Chocolate and coffee, what a perfect way to kick start the day. (Look you are inspiring me to make poetry, too) LOL.

  3. You are making the pregnant mommy hungry! YUM!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! Love your poem by the way. Sounds like my house. 😉

  5. Now you have me wanting a brownie and a nice cup of Starbucks! (Great poem by the way)!

  6. I am not a Brownie fan, but after this post I AM! YUM YUM YUM!!

  7. Yum… I will have to try this!

  8. Doesn’t get much better than coffee and chocolate! Cute poem too. 😉

  9. I love the poem! Starbucks and brownies sounds like a wonderful way to start the day.

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