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Child at

I was asked to give my open and honest opinion about a FREE educational website called and the math games it has to offer.

Before I get started with my opinion of the site, I want to mention a couple of things. When you go to the page, it does give you the option to set up an account for the parent and then administer your child’s account. I did this. FYI, I did have some initial difficulty setting up and found that I needed to go into Internet Explorer.

In addition, my son’s school was not listed, so I was advised to pick a school in my area to finish registering. If you are not interested in having a parent account, your child can just set up an account of their own.

Power my learning is said to be “Your destination for the best free online learning activities from across the web!”.

Because this site is beneficial to the child as well as the adults, I decided to let my son who is entering the 2nd grade weigh in on this review. By asking him a couple of questions, I feel his responses fill in some of the important answers that would be of interest to parents.

What do you like about

“Finding games from different websites that I have never seen before. They are FUN games.”

Have you learned anything?

“Yes, I learned about fractions and odd and even numbers.”

Is it easy to log in and is the website easy to use?


Does this website make learning fun?


What are your favorite games so far?

“Cross the River/ Fractions, Jet Ski Addition, and Odd or Even Monkey Drive.” (These are found in the 2nd Grade Geometry and  Operations Algebraic Thinking tab.)

Odd and Even Monkey Drive

From a parents perspective, I like this site because it has so many games and eliminates the need for me to go out and search.  This saves me time and money since it is FREE.  I can also go in and see what games my son has been playing and for how long.  Plus, if my son’s school was set up, he could access homework assignments through the account.

I do want to point out that it does show ads from the original game sites. It also allows the child to go off-site if they expand the window. My suggestion is to monitor the child’s internet usage and explain to them why they should not click on anything other than the game itself.  There is a link at that discusses Family Internet Safety.

Do you use on-line games to teach your children? What type of games do they like to play?



  1. Now, that is cool. Looks like fun! I would probably be a lot better at math if we had fun games like this when I was a child! :)

  2. I have to give this a try because my son loves electronic activities. I think that he is good at math and I want to give him extra opportunities to get even better.

  3. My kids are too old for this now, but I used to use similar products when they were younger. Of course they are much better now, but they made a huge difference when it came to knowing and understanding how to do lessons on the computer. And not only that, it’s fun!

  4. COOL! my kids love love love math :)

  5. Wow, this sounds like a very helpful and fun program… got to check it out.

  6. Fun, I’d never heard of this site before!

  7. That looks awesome! My son’s too young for it right now but what a great resource for when he’s older!

  8. That sounds really interesting, I love finding educational games that my son can play. A total win/win! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. My kids played some educational games like this on the computer when they were younger and it really did help them learn!

  10. Thank you for your honest review. I love that this is educational. Not so much that kids can click on ads that take them to other places. Perhaps this is something that can be fixed sometime soon.

  11. Yes, the wide variety that you’d have access to is fabulous!

  12. This sound like it would be great for my son. HE could use some more educational games in his routine.

  13. I love the little interview you did with your son. I’m glad he was able to use this site to have fun and learn at the same time.

  14. I saw this online the other day and wondered if this is really a good program; thanks for the great review, this sounds perfect for my 5 year old and she loves to learn on the PC.

  15. this is awesome! thanks for sharing this free educational program!

  16. My daughter loves working on Math games with Khans Academy

  17. This sounds like something that would benefit my kids and something they would have fun with too!


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