Review and Giveaway of Smarty Pants Adult Vitamin Gummies! Contains Organic and Eco-Friendly Ingredients!


I was provided Smarty Pants Adult Vitamin Gummies to facilitate this post. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

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If you are someone who prefers Organic and Eco-Friendly, Smarty Pants Adult Vitamin Gummies is a product to check out. 

I was given a bottle with a 30 day supply to review here on Frugal and Fun Mom, and after sampling the vitamins, I’m happy to report that they taste good.

Smarty Pants in the box

According to Smarty Pants, their Adult Vitamin Gummies are an excellent Source of Omega 3 DHA+EPA that is made from Eco-Friendly small fish oil. They contain 225% of the US RDI for Vitamin D and have No High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The Organic ingredients include cane sugar and tapioca syrup.

Smarty pants vitamins

These vitamins are allergy sensitive as well containing no peanuts, eggs, and shellfish. In addition, they are Gluten & Casein free and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility (Good Manufacturing Practice).  Please refer to the packaging for additional information.

Smarty Pants vitamins are also available in kid formulas and in a weight management product as well.

Smarty pants Vitamin details

Since products that contain Organic and Eco-Friendly ingredients tend to be on the more expensive side, I wasn’t surprised that these were priced at $29.95 a bottle.  However, there is some relief on the pricing  if you setup auto-ship for your purchase.  This reduces the price of the bottle to $21.95 and for even more savings, if you order 3 at a time with auto-ship, the price per bottle goes to around $19.98.

Do you take a multivitamin?  What qualities do you look for in your vitamins?

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Thanks to Smarty Pants, 1 lucky Frugal and Fun Mom reader will win a Bottle of Vitamins. This is a $29.95 Value.

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  1. I take Geritol complete right now. But I am having gastric sleeve surgery and will not be able to swollow these then. I will HAVE to switch to gummies. So it would be great to sample these to see how well they work!

  2. Colleen Maurina says:

    Yes, I try to take a multi vitamin but hate swallowing large pills. I look for a multi vitamin that has all the daily requirements that I need.

  3. Yes I take one but not dependably. The quite large so I often find myself skipping them

  4. Melissa Alvarez says:

    I don’t currently take any. I would like to start taking some!

  5. I do take a multivitamin right now and I look for a vitamin that is easy to take (i.e. not to big). I’ve never tried gummy vitamins, but I might have to look into them


  6. I actually take vitamins that are a powder form because pills often upset my stomach. I like the gummy vitamins too.

  7. My entire family takes multivitamins. I look for lots of folic acid in my vitamins.

  8. As someone who dislikes pills, I love the new gummy style vitamins. I like that these have organic ingredients and no high fructose, will have to try ’em!

  9. I do take a multivitamin and no HFCS is definitely high on my list.

  10. I like that these are gluten free. I have to find everything gluten free for my daughter now and it is difficult!

  11. I take a multivitamin. I look for maximum RDA.

  12. I love gummy vitamins because the kids really love to take them and I know that they are getting their vitamins and minerals with every dose.

  13. I take a multivitamin daily! I prefer vitamins that do not have artificial colors or preservatives.

  14. Sherrie C. says:

    I take Geritol but the large size of these vitamins make them hard to swallow sometimes. A smaller vitamin or gummy vitamin that’s easy to swallow would be preferable.


  15. Wendy Pence says:

    I do take multivitamins, I look for something easy to swallow. :0)

  16. I do take a multivitamin by Centrum; however, I just dont quite feel Im getting all that I need or want for that matter. I like that the Smartypants vitamins have the omega 3’s in them and the fact that they are organic which I also prefer.

  17. I do take a multivitamin but havent found a brand I love! Have been trying different ones out :)

  18. I take them occasionally.

  19. Kari Vandal says:

    I look for no corn syrup and great taste. My family takes a multivitamin daily.

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