DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft With Fun Fur and LOVE Letters!


Valentines Day Wreath

A few years back I had made a Easter Wreath and had been wanting to do something similar by also making a Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft With Fun Fur.

Hubby gave me a Gift Card to Michael’s (I also used a Michaels Coupon), and my Mom gave me a Glue Gun for Christmas. I now had what I needed to make this DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft With Fun Fur and LOVE Letters!

Valentines-Day-Wreath-Supplies 1

If you want to recreate this, here is what you will need:

12 Inch Wreath form

2 Packages of Red Fun Fur

White Glitter Letters that spell LOVE

White Glitter Cardstock Paper

Plain paper



Glue Gun

I estimate that this probably cost me around $15 to make since I already had the glue.


First I tied the Fun Fur to the wreath form, and began to wrap it around tightly pushing it together as I went along to eliminate gaps.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-5 1

Once I reached the end of the 1st Fun Fur, I tied the new one on to the existing yarn, and began to wrap again. FYI, sometimes the yarn will fall or get tangled.  Don’t be afraid to cut it and tie it back on again, it blends really easy.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-Hot-Glue 1

Once I finished, I lined up the letters on the Wreath, and hot glued them directly onto the Fun Fur. Make sure you completely cover the letters with the glue.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-LOVE 1

After, I traced hearts I had previously cut out of plain paper, and used those as a guide to cut the forms out of the Glitter Cardstock Paper.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-4 1

I cut these out and made 2 of each.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-Hearts 1

This is what they looked like.  I did have to cut them a couple of times to get the desired shape, since the paper is pretty strong.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-Glitter-Cardstock 1

After that I took a piece of ribbon and looped it in the center so I could hang the wreath up. I then glued the hearts on.

ribbon-for-Valentines-day-Wreath 1

That was how I created this craft and I think it turned out great.

Valentines-Day-Wreath-Love-and-Hearts-Fun-Fur 1

Overall it took a total of 4-5 hours spread over a couple of days to complete. It is now out on my front door.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath with Fun Fur and LOVE Craft

Do you have a similar wreath?  How did you create yours?

If you make one, let me know how it goes!



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