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Sep 172014

Sausage and Veggies Recipe! An Easy Weeknight Dinner!

Last week for dinner I happen to have Turkey Smoked Sausage (I bought on sale), and decided to mix it with vegetables. The results were yummy, and my kids gobbled it up.

I like to experiment with food and thankfully my husband and kids are open to trying these “experiments”. I thought it was funny because I was asked to add this to the “make again” list.

Sausage and Veggies Recipe! An Easy Weeknight Dinner!

Since it was a HIT and so easy, this is how I did it.

Sausage and Veggies Recipe, Serves around 5

-1 package of Turkey Smoked Sausage cut-up into slices and then halves (I used a Hillshire Farm 13oz Package)
-1/2 Cup of fresh chopped carrots
-1  14.5 oz Drained Can of Green Beans
-1  14.5 oz Drained Can of Corn

Sausage and Veggies Recipe! An Easy Weeknight Dinner!


Cook the sausage on the stove at medium for 5 minutes stirring occasionally.

Add in the fresh carrots and continue to cook on medium for another 5 minutes stirring occasionally.

Sausage and Veggies Recipe! An Easy Weeknight Dinner!

Add the canned green beans and the corn, and completely combine. Move the temp to medium/low for 15-20 minutes, cover, and stir occasionally.

Serve this immediately. FYI I also paired the dish with Cheesy Garlic Buns, and they were a great compliment.

Do you make anything similar? What veggies do you include?

Sausage and Veggies Recipe! An Easy Weeknight Dinner!

If you try the recipe out, let me know what you think.


Sep 152014

The following is a sponsored post on behalf of the  Veggin’ In LA With Laura Marano Sweepstakes.

Veggin’ In LA With Laura Marano Sweepstakes presented by Birds Eye

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I would definitely use them in my Chinese Inspired Beef with Broccoli Recipe.

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Sep 112014

I was provided samples of Post Great Grains to facilitate this post. Opinions expressed are that of my own.
Varieties of Post Great Grains Cereal

Question: What Makes You Great?

Post Great Grains asked, and I am going to answer.

I have to admit that it is a pretty tough one to narrow down, but I managed to pick 5 things.

1. My faith in God.

2. My family.

3. My group of friends.

4. My love of cooking.

5. My ability to be creative.

There is plenty more, but I will leave it at that.

Check out what other women had to say:

Want to know more about Post Great Grains Cereal?

To create this high fiber breakfast product, Post gently cracks the whole wheat berry and adds a mix of grains to their flakes.  They then add in nutritious fruit, nuts and/or seeds.

This results in a crispy, delicious, less-processed whole grain cereal. So while I am eating Post Great Grains, I can feel great on the inside and the outside.

Post Great grains Cereal Vanilla Graham

Great Grains comes in 8 Flavors including Protein Blend Honey Oats & SeedsProtein Blend Cinnamon Hazelnut, Cranberry Almond CrunchCrunchy PecansRaisins Dates & PecansBanana Nut Crunch, Digestive Blends Berry Medley, and Digestive Blends Vanilla.

I have tried a few varieties already, and they have “great” flavor.

Post Great Grains What makes you great

Post Great Grains would love it if you also answer this question: What Makes You Great?

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Thanks to PostI have been authorized to Giveaway 2 month supply of Great Grains to one (1) lucky Frugal and Fun Mom reader. This is a $32 value. 

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Sep 112014

This is a sponsored post for Invisalign.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

4 Things Parents Need to Know about Invisalign

Both my husband and I had braces, so there is a pretty good chance that one of our children are going to need them as well.

Since I like to be prepared for the future pre-teen and teenage years, I want to know what my options are for correcting my children’s Orthodontic issues.

Of course as I thought back to my own awkward adolescence and braces, I remember the Orthodontist telling me, now you can’t chew gum, eat steak, and you really want to avoided tough foods. I also recall the metal rubbing up against my mouth, wires popping, and brackets falling off. This made for a few inconvenient additional visits to the office that required my parents to take tome off from work.

Well I guess this is something I have to look forward to for my kids? WRONG, it doesn’t have to be that way.

invisalign results fix crooked teeth kimberly

Here are 4 things I learned, and what Parents of Teens Need To Know About Invisalign!

1.  Invisalign is just as effective as traditional wire and bracket braces and can correct the most common teeth straightening issues. Visit What is Invisalign to see how it works.

2. Since Invisalign is removable, there is no need for food restrictions. That makes for a happy Teenager and Parents preparing meals. 

3. Because there is no metal equipment, there won’t be any surprise visits due to metal pieces popping up or brackets falling out. As an added benefit, the treatments requires less visits than traditional braces. I am sold already by the time-saving.

4.  Invisalign costs about the same as braces. Also, it is covered by most insurance plans up to 50%, and Flexible Spending Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) can be used as well, making money go farther with pre-tax dollars. This makes the cost of braces a lot easier to handle.

Now keep in mind not all offices offer this service, so please visit Invisalign Providers to find a doctor nearby. There they can provide a Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for your child.

Invisalign Sweepstakes Straight Talk

Want a chance to WIN a FREE Invisalign Treatment? 

Enter the sweeps through September 30th via the form below.

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Do you have a child or family member that will need their teeth straightened? When do you expect to start an Orthodontic treatment?

For more information about correcting common teeth straightening issues visit

Also check them out on Facebook at and Twitter at

Since my original braces, I have had shifting in my teeth. Now I am personally looking into Invisalign to correct my own issues. 


Sep 092014

Hasbro toys for Christmas 2014 Movies and TV

As a mother of 3 with plenty of nieces and nephews, I have figured out that it is never to early to start shopping for birthdays and for upcoming holidays like Christmas 2014.

Thanks to Hasbro, I was provided samples of toys for boys and girls that represent this summer’s hottest TV and Movies . Of course the best part is my family got to play with them, and all opinions expressed in this post are that of my own.

Transformers Construct Bots

Is your child really into Transformers? My son is, and he has been enjoying his new action figures that make transforming easier.

My 8-year-old built one of the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION CONSTRUCT-BOTS DINOBOT RIDERS from start to finish. These customizable parts work across all CONSTRUCT-BOTS sets and can ride on a CONSTRUCT-BOTS DINOBOTS figure (sold separately)! You can choose from OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, AUTOBOT DRIFT, plus more. Intended for Ages 6 & up and they approximately retail for $5.99.

Transformers Age of Extinction Power Battlers

Another cool Transformer he has been playing with is the Bumblebee TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION POWER BATTLERS.

These feature cool characters from the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION film, and with a simple squeeze of the leg or twist of the torso, each figure unleashes its own signature attack.

Each toy also converts from robot mode to alternate mode in less than ten steps. Choose from characters like BUMBLEBEE, HOUND, CROSSHAIRS and more. There are 15 figures to collect and they are intended for ages 6 & up.  They approximately retail for $12.99 each.

It is a Brother vs Sister game with the TRANSFORMERS BATTLE MASTERS 2 PACK.

Each picked a side, either OPTIMUS PRIME or MEGATRON, and who every pops up the other’s head first, WINS!  This toy is intended for Age 5 & up and approximately retails for $24.99.

Transformers Age Of Extinction One Step Changers Bumblebee

These TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION ROBOTS IN DISGUISE ONE-STEP CHANGERS are really fun because they transform in just one step! Both of my older kids can play and use their imagination together since ONE-STEP CHANGERS are intended for kids ages 5 and up.

There are 18 figures to collect, and they approximately retail for $9.99.

OK, I have admit that my kids were begging me to get this guy out of the box!

MARVEL’S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY BIG BLASTIN’ ROCKET RACCOON Electronic Action Figure comes to life in toy form and has his signature weapon spins and lights up at the press of a button. He moves, lights up, has a voice, and makes plenty of sounds!

This toy is intended for Ages: 4 & up and approximately retails for $29.99.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Spider Vision Electronic Mask

Have a child that is a fan of Spider-Man? Then you will want to check out the THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 SPIDER VISION Electronic Mask.

This innovation in technology allows kids to pretend to have SPIDEY SENSES to spot villains using Mircoprism FIRE VISION. It includes two discs which illuminate once activated by the SPIDER VISION Mask.  Intended for children Ages 5 & up, it approximately retails for $19.99.

Marvel Spider Man Toys from Hasbro and Playskool

Other Super Hero toys to keep an eye out for are the THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 SPIDER STRIKE 3.75-Inch Action Figures and Playskool SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES WEB WING CAR Toy .

Mr Potato Head Mashable Heroes

My little guy was immediately drawn to the Playskool MARVEL MIXABLE, MASHABLE HEROES FIGURE 2-PACK ASSORTMENT.  These are actually Mr. Potato Heads that can be transformed into various super heroes and actions figures.

We had a Marvel HULK to WOLVERINE and Transformers version called STARSCREAM ROBOT AND JET. Lets just say that his spuds are wearing a little bit of everything at this point.

These are intended for ages 2 and up and approximately retail for $6.99.

As you can tell by the video, my 5-year-old daughter had a difficult time hiding her enthusiasm for the Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony toys.

Little Pet Shop Style Set

Of course she was very excited about this LITTLEST PET SHOP Style Set. We already watch the show, so now she can bring it to life at home.

This structure looks just like the shop and includes 135 pieces with wall panels, accessories, reversible scene backdrop, stickers and Deco Bits. It comes with three exclusive pets, including MINKA MARK monkey, SUNIL NEVLA mongoose, and KITTERY BANTER cat. It can also be stacked with other LITTLEST PET SHOP style sets from Downtown City .

This toy is intended for Ages 6 years & up and approximately retails for $39.99.

My Little Pony Fantastic Flutters

We also love My Little Pony, and here my daughter is playing with the FANTASTIC FLUTTERS PRINCESS CADANCE.

These dolls have glimmering wings, rainbow accents, and colorful, cascading manes. They are intended for Ages 3 years & up and approximately retail for $8.99.

Have you started shopping for upcoming birthdays or this year’s holiday season? Which of these toys would be a great fit for your family?

To purchase the toys mentioned in this post, look online at or at most major toy retailers nationwide.

Needless to say my kiddos have been very busy playing!


Sep 092014

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike Review

Wanting to find a trike that not only promotes exercise but also grows with your child?

I decided that once my 2 older kids got back into school that it was time for my Little Guy and me to get more active. Thanks to Little Tikes I am doing that very thing since they provided me with a 4-in-1 Trike to test and review here on the site. As always opinions expressed are that of my own.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike Stages

The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike is intended for children Ages 9 months – 3 years and has 4 Stages to grow with  your child. 1st stage is Parent Push Trike, 2nd is Learning, 3rd is Developing, and 4th is Kid Powered Trike. Depending upon the child’s maturity, there is also a 5-point seat belt harness and protective safety bar.

Assembling Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike

So first off you should know that you will have to assemble this trike.

It looks like it would be difficult based on all the parts, however I will tell you that the assembly was easy.

Assembly of Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike

It took me around 2 hours only because I had a toddler right next to me.

You can see how excited he was by the “cheese” smile.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike 2

This trike does comes fully loaded, so the next day with coffee, a phone, and my camera in hand we took it out for a spin.

I was able to bring all of this along since it has a drink holder and storage underneath.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike 3

It also has an adjustable shade for my little guy and a handle that I can steer with one hand (perfect for the multitasker).

The steering can be be locked the front for full parental control or released so my little guy can steer as well.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike 1

Little Man happened to be little cranky during that first ride, and wanted to keep putting his feet down.  This caused his feet to slide under the foot rests and stop the ride abruptly.

After this first drive, I figured out that I would need to adjust the seat, and lift the food rests up underneath to curb this.

Here we are trying it out for the first time.

We had a great time experimenting with it and after I made the adjustments to Stage 2, our second ride went a lot smoother.  I also gave him some reminders to keep his feet up.

I will continue to adjust it as he becomes more confident in his riding skills, and eventually make it a stand alone trike in Stage 4.

The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike retails online for $99.99. For additional Bike related products at Little Tikes visit Trikes and Tricycles.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike 4

What is your favorite Little Tikes product? What features of the Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike do you like? 

To learn more about Little Tikes and its products, visit them online at

You can also look for product updates and information at their Facebook Page and Twitter at


Sep 092014


It is no secret that I am a big fan of Disney Junior and have been since my oldest was a preschooler. Of course all my kids love it as well, and we watch it almost everyday.

Well you could imagine how thrilled they were, when I was recently was given a copy of the Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD for review. As always opinions expressed are that of my own.

Doc McStuffins School of Medicine DVD

Of course, my daughter was super excited when she saw that there was also a Dress-Up Play Set with a Doc and removable stickers inside the DVD case.

Doc McStuffins School of Medicine has 10 episodes including Chilly Gets Chilly/ Though The Reading Glasses, Disco Dress Up Daisy/ The Glider Brothers, Celestial Celeste/ Run Doc Run!, Hallie’s Happy Birthday/ Shark-Style Toothache, Think Pink/ You Foose, You Loose.

Paper Doll inside of Doc McStuffins School of Medicine

As a family we really like this DVD, and my kids have watched twice already.

As a parent I like the Doc McStuffins series because it addresses issues and scenarios that both my Toddler and Kindergartner are facing. In fact, one of the DVD episodes called The Glider Brothers discussed what indoor and outdoor toys are, and I had just had they very discussion with all 3 of my kids.

Do you watch the Disney Junior Channel with your Children? What is their favorite show?

For more information about the series visit

Look for Doc McStuffins School of Medicine at popular retailers and online stores like Amazon Doc Mcstuffins: School of Medicine DVD. The DVD is rated TV-Y, runs for 120 minutes, and retails for $19.99.


Sep 052014

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 4

I went to Home Depot the other day and saw orange self watering flower pots. Since I was in an Autumn state of mind, I realized that these looked very similar to fake pumpkins.

Of course I took it one step further, and the craftiness grabbed a hold of me.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 3

I had bought a set of permanent markers the other day and as I looked at the containers I thought, “These would probably look great as Jack ‘O Lanterns.” I was right.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 2

This craft was really simple to make, and I pretty much freestyled the “Stencils” from seeing other scary Halloween faces.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 1

I also tested out artificial tea lights to see if these would show up at night, and they did.  I was so excited.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots

In the end though, I decided to put various purple flowers into the pots to give my Jack “O Lanterns “Hair”.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 6

I used Mexican Heather, Coleus, and a some funky looking flowers called Celosia (they remind me of a Dr. Seuss character).

I even had a little help as well with the watering.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 5

Of course what is really awesome, is once Halloween is over I can simply turn them around and use them as Fall Pots.

Jack O'Lantern Flower Pots 4

Have you made a similar craft before?  What are the multiple uses you found for your container?

I am so happy about the outcome of this craft.  If you make it as well, enjoy!


Aug 312014

Thank you to Bic for providing the awesome school supplies for my Teacher Appreciation Baskets.

Teacher Appreciation Basket With Supplies

If you are looking for an item to give to your child’s teacher for the new school year, or are already brainstorming for next year’s Teacher Appreciation Day, then you will want to check out this Easy Gift Basket.

It features items that a teacher can use in the classroom, along with goodies that can be used to recharge his or her energy during the day. I ended up making 2 of these for my kid’s teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Basket 3

If you would like to recreate this basket, this is what you will need:

Plastic Container

Bic Pen Products (See details below)


Travel Coffee Mug





Tissue Paper

Printer with Hard Stock Paper

Hole punch


(FYI, I got most of the items to fill the basket from a Dollar Store, the Tea was BOGO at Publix, and you can find these Bic products at retailers nationwide.)

Teacher Appreciation Basket 2


Simply start with tissue paper in the bottom of the plastic tote.  Then arrange all the items inside. I suggest tallest in the back and shortest in the front.

I actually added in an extra coffee mug for the classroom assistant.

Teacher Appreciation Basket 6

Then, type out the saying.

Ours was, “A Box of TREATS for a Teacher that is NEAT!!! With supplies for your class and snacks for your break, we look forward to learning, because we know you are GREAT!”

Teacher Appreciation Basket 7

Print this out on hard stock paper and cut it out.

Finally, punch a hole on the side of the note and attach it to the tote with a piece of ribbon.

Teacher Appreciation Basket with Bic Pen Products

Bic Pen Product Details:

BIC Kids Mechanical Pencil comes in pink or blue, and includes an eraser and lead refill with six leads. Students can also personalize their pencil with stickers. The Suggested  Retail Price (SRP) for a one-pack is $3.49.

BIC Kids Pen is available in purple or green, and includes stickers for personalization. The SRP for a one-pack is $3.49

BIC Kids Stylus offers an innovative tool for small hands that helps children navigate tablets in the classroom or at home. The stylus has a soft grip and comes in black with a yellow guiding line. The BIC Kids Stylus has a SRP of $3.49 for a one-pack.

BIC Mechanical Pencil is now available in a fun, new shiny, holographic design! Whether taking a test with its #2 lead or simply doodling, this pencil is perfect for any type of writing! It has a SRP of $2.20 for a five-pack.

Teacher Appreciation Basket Bic Pens and Pencils

BIC 4-Color Metallic is available in five vibrant, metallic barrel colors: silver, turquoise, pink, lime green and purple. It has a SRP of $2.99 for a one-pack.

BIC 4-Color Mini provides the same fun appeal of the popular 4-Color, but in a convenient mini size—perfect for school or on-the-go! This fun addition to the line of 4-Color products has a SRP of $2.50 for a one-pack, and is available in both original and fashion colors.

BIC Atlantis Comfort features BIC’s exclusive ink system for long-lasting smoothness. Students will find their ideas flowing freely with this pen, which also includes a comfortable full body grip for ease of writing. The BIC Atlantis Comfort pen has a SRP of $3.99 for a three-pack.

BIC Atlantis Exact has a fine point for exact, precise lines and clean writing! With a full grip area and smooth ink system, it is perfect for the studious note-taker. The BIC Atlantis Exact has a SRP of $3.99 for a three-pack.

Teacher Appreciation Basket Bic Dry Erase Markers

BIC Magic Marker Brand Dry Erase Marker has a long-lasting ink supply, high-performance dry erase marker that erases easily. It offers a consistent flow of vivid, bold colors and low odor in one marker. Available in black, blue, red and green, a four-pack of BIC Magic Marker Brand Dry Erase Marker has a SRP of $5.99.

BIC Wite-Out Brand Zap This correction tape is great for schools and easy for lefties or righties to use. It comes in a compact size and is available in a two-pack, with a SRP of $2.97.

Want to stay up to date on Bic products? Visit their website at and also follow them on Facebook at

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Have you ever made a Teacher Appreciation Gift before? What items did you include?

This is an easy and fun Appreciation Gift to create, and it has items that a teacher can really use.

Both my son and daughter’s teachers sent home really nice thank you letters.  One of the teachers even took a photo with my daughter and thanked us again.

Giveaway Details

And, thanks to BicI have been authorized to Giveaway a Bic Pen Back to School Prize Pack to one (1) lucky Frugal and Fun Mom reader. This is a $35 value. 

To enter, please allow a moment for the Rafflecopter Form to load below.

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Aug 302014

You Could Win a #Vacation for Four to Kissimmee! #T2RSweeps Tweet to Repeat Sweepstakes!

Over the summer my family vacationed in a great spot called Kissimmee. We really liked this location because it is centrally located near Orlando Florida, the theme parks, and other fun attractions in the area. On this particular trip we were visiting SeaWorld along with the Kennedy Space Center but because we were so close, we could have easily stopped over at Disney, Universal, or Downtown Disney.

Well you could imagine my excitement, when the PR group from Kissimmee wanted to get together this past Thursday to share an awesome Sweepstakes that they are currently running.

You Could Win a #Vacation for Four to Kissimmee! #T2RSweeps Tweet to Repeat Sweepstakes!

To help spread the word, Kissimmee was kind enough to treat a group of bloggers to lunch, and also set-up some really SWEET gift bags with info about the area and the Tweet2Repeat Sweepstakes.

After a great meal, chatting, and getting all the details, this is what you need to know!

If you love Kissimmee, tweet it for a chance to win a 4-day/3-night getaway for you and up to 3 guests. Make sure you Follow @Kissimmee and tweet out something you would like to experience in the destination using hashtag #T2RSweeps.  Once this is complete, you will be entered into the Sweepstakes for a weekly prize package and a Grand Prize vacation.

You Could Win a #Vacation for Four to Kissimmee! #T2RSweeps Tweet to Repeat Sweepstakes!

I have to admit that I would love to have this prize package!

Grand Prize includes accommodations provided by Meliá Orlando Suite Hotel at Celebration, airfare, rental car, theme park tickets provided by Kissimmee Guest Services, an airboat tour provided by Wild Florida Airboat & Wildlife Park and tickets to Capone’s Dinner & Show. The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the end of the campaign. Limit 1 entry per person, per day.

The Sweepstakes runs till September 28, 2014. For Eligibility, Official Rules, and complete prize details, visit

Have you ever stayed in Kissimmee? If you won this prize, which theme park would you love to visit?

Have fun sharing your favorite things about the area, and Good Luck!