May 022014
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“I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stonyfield. I received coupons to facilitate my shopping trip and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Stonyfield’s YoToddler Organic Yogurt Pouches 4 Pack Review

I was asked recently to review Stonyfield YoToddler Organic Yogurt Pouches with my 21 month old son here on Frugal and Fun Mom.

This was not my first experience with Stonyfield products since I have used their vanilla yogurt to make smoothies and I have added it to part of my children’s meals. When possible I do try to pick up organic items for my family, and I especially like it when I can find a corresponding coupon and sale.

Stonyfield’s YoToddler Review Organic Yogurt

Stonyfield Refrigerated Organic Yogurt Pouches are the first of their kind and come in 3 age based versions including YoBaby, YoToddler, and YoKid. They contain Real Fruit and Vegetables and are free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.

YoToddler is available in 2 flavors including Strawberry Beet Berry and Pear Spinach Mango. They also comes in individual packages and 4 packs. The packaging is also resealable making it convenient for on the go.

Stonyfield’s YoToddler Organic Yogurt Individual Pouch

After a trip to my local Super Target, I located a 4 Pack for my toddler to try. We tested out the Strawberry-Beet-Berry flavor, and it was immediately a hit.  Once he finished, I heard “MORE! MORE!”.

My other kids also wanted to try it and my oldest said the yogurt tasted great. My 5-year-old who is not a fan of yogurt, decided to give her pouch to me so I could enjoy it.

My son was very serious about this yogurt, and thought I was trying to take it when I turned the package around to snap a picture.

Serious eating of Stonyfield’s YoToddler Organic Yogurt

Have you purchased Stonyfield products before? How important are organic products to you and your family, especially for your kids?

Looking for these yogurt pouches?  Visit for more information and click on the store locator.

To connect to Stonyfield socially, check them out on Facebook at, Twitter at @Stonyfield, Instagram at @Stonyfield, and Pinterest at

I like that these pouches offer ingredients like beets and spinach that I would not normally find in a typical yogurt.  I think Stonyfield did a great job of combining the Strawberry Beet Berry mix and obviously my youngest son agrees.


Jan 102014
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“Frugal and Fun Mom is a Nuby Mommy Blogger. I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I may receive items to sample or review. Opinions expressed about the Nuby Flip-it are that of my own.”

Nuby Flip It Sippy Cup Review

Thanks to Nuby, I was sent No Spill Flip-it Sippy Cups to review with my 17 month old son here on Frugal and Fun Mom.

The Nuby Flip-it is a cup designed with a Leak Resistant cap to prevent spills. The top is made to open and close, and simply flips back when the child is ready to drink. When not in use, this feature keeps the straw clean. This sippy can be used with a variety of liquids, and the drink passes through only when the child sips.

My son had no problem with using this cup, and took right to it. It came in handy over the holidays and we used it on many occasion. 

Silly Side with Sippy

Nuby Flip It Sippy Closed

Nuby Flip It Sippy Open

Toddler using Flip it

Child with Nuby Sippy

Child with Flip It Nuby Sippy

I like this cup because of the no-spill feature, and the reclosable top. My little guy really had a time trying to get it open, and that is exactly the way I want it to be. When I was ready for him to have a sip, I opened it up for him.  This way I didn’t have to worry about the straw getting dirty if he accidentally dropped it.

Since this is designed to be a no spill, there are multiple parts to the inside of this cup. I recommend once your child is finished with the beverage to pull it completely apart and rinse it out. If you leave it together for prolonged periods of time, the inside of the straw will start to get moldy. Take it from me that is what happens when I forget to pull the straw apart when I put it in the dishwasher. In addition, I suggest viewing the inside of the straw to make sure it is free of debris before you reassemble.

Do you currently own any Nuby products, if so which one? What features of this product do you like?

To learn more about Nuby visit their website at You can also check them out on Facebook at, Twitter at @nubyusa, Pinterest at, and Instagram at

The Nuby Flip-it is available in different stages and designs, and can be found at retailers like Walmart, Baby Depot, and Amazon, Nuby Flip-it.


Nov 192013
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The following is a sponsored post on behalf of I was also provided a shopping credit to facilitate this post, opinions expressed are that of my own.

second hand glove from swap

Recently I asked by to shop and evaluate their website and goods here on Frugal and Fun Mom. They gave me a credit to shop their site, and I in turn navigated around and checked out the various categories.

Personally I love to shop thrift for the thrill of a great find, so this made this shopping experience fun for me.

Swap dot com

If you asked me to describe in 3 words, I would say new, secondhand, & quality. I choose those 3 because they not only have gently used but they also have items that have never been opened.

Like New at Swap dot com shopping

According to they are a site that specializes in buying, selling and trading high-quality kids and baby items. They have books, clothing, games, toys and even maternity clothes.

swap dot com shopping

I looked around the website and found LEGO toys, Star Wars themed merchandise, Melissa &Doug, and Build-a-Bear. I also saw craft related items, sports equipment, and clothing. Some these items were new, and some were used.

Clothing at Swap dot com shopping


I compared prices on random new items and some were cheaper than other retailers, some prices were the same, and few were slightly higher.

Stepping Stone Craft item

Since my daughter’s birthday is this month and Christmas is around the corner, I decided to purchase new items for gifting. I found a neat Stepping Stone Kit and Pop Art Necklaces. I also took a look at a couple of websites, including Amazon, to compare and find the prices on these items. On these particular ones, I found to be cheaper.

pop art at Swap dot com item

I had also been wanting to order my daughter a baseball glove so she could go out side and play ball with her Dad and brother. I did not see a new one, but I found a pink one that was listed in Good Condition for $8.  It looked really nice based on the picture, so I decided to order that one for her as well.

Baseball Glove secondhand

Once I was finished shopping and was ready complete my order, I put in all of my shipping information, used Paypal to make the purchase, and that was it.  I even got FREE Shipping since this was my first purchase. FYI, if you login as a guest, you can shop with a credit card.

order from swap

My order came a week or so later, and everything was nicely packaged in plastic. When I opened up the baseball glove, it looked brand new.  I decided to give it to my daughter as a last-minute birthday present.  The other items were put away for Christmas.

how swap dot com works

If you are interesting in trading or selling items at, they will sort, categorize and professionally photograph the items and let you know when the items are on your account. You select what you want in exchange for your items, or set the sales price. Paypal is required for this service. There is even an option to donate proceeds from sales to your favorite charity. 

If your items have not traded in 45 days they will even buy them. Check out the SureSell Guarantee.

What do you think of the concept of shopping thrift or consignment online? Please visit and tell me an item that you would like to have?

I would definitely purchase from the site again and continue to compare pricing as well. I might have to test out the swapping service soon, I have toys and clothes that my kids are growing out of.

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Nov 072013
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“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for MedImmune. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

RSV Disease

Cold and Flu season is here and so is RSV. Is your child at risk?

RSV or respiratory syncytial virus is a contagious viral disease that may infect a person’s lungs and breathing passages. According to, most people recover from this disease in a week or two, and for most infants RSV causes an illness like a common cold. Even after recovery, infants and children can continue to spread the virus for 1 to 3 weeks. I have heard of RSV, but had no idea that it could potentially be a problem. 

facts about RSV

As mentioned in the title of this post, World Prematurity Day is November 17th. This is important in regards to RSV because premature infants (babies born prematurely at 35 week or less) or those with lung or heart problems are at a higher risk of developing this disease along with a potentially serious lung infection and hospitalization.

This post is not meant to frighten, but to bring awareness to this potentially life threatening disease.

My youngest sister was premature and I remember how small and delicate she was. I recall singing  to her “Sara” by Jefferson Airplane (her name) through the hospital glass and really wanting to see her up close. As a parent I now realize just how important it was that they kept me and my other sibling away. With all the potentially harmful germs we carried, it was definitely best to keep on the safe side.

RSV Basics

Signs of RSV Disease in Infants.

Not sure what you are looking for in regards to RSV and your baby? Symptoms include a persistent cough or wheezing, rapid or difficult gasping breaths, bluish color around the lips, mouth, or finger tips, and fever.  Immediately contact your physician if you are concerned that your child may have this disease.

Tips to prevent RSV

You can help prevent RSV Disease with these tips.

RSV disease is spread just as easily as the flu, and can be contracted by sneezing, coughing, and touching. Although there is no cure for RSV disease taking extra precautions can help to protect your baby.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your baby, and ask others to do the same
  • Don’t let anyone smoke in your home, or near your baby
  • Wash your baby’s toys, clothes, and bedding often
  • Keep your baby away from:
    — Crowds and young children
    — People with colds

Have you heard of RSV before?  Have you been personally touched by this disease or know of anyone who has?

Concerned about your own child’s health or want to share these details with others?  Visit for additional information.


Oct 152013
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“Frugal and Fun Mom is a Nuby Mommy Blogger. I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I may receive items to sample or review. Opinions expressed about the Nuby Sea Scooper are that of my own.”

Nuby Octopus Floating Bath

Thanks to Nuby, I was sent a Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy to review here on Frugal and Fun Mom with my children.

The Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy is a purple, 6 armed animal that makes bath time, play time.  With a happy smile on his face and floating ability, this bath toy is ready to play catch with arms hooked for holding 3 rings. For a baby they are perfect for placing the rings, for my preschooler, they are great for tossing rings.

Nuby Octopus

My daughter set this up on the side of the tub and started playing a ring toss game. It was a challenge for her, but she kept at it.  Eventually she got one on and we were both yelling and saying “woo hoo!” in celebration.

Nuby Octopus playtime

As for my little guy, we continued to celebrate with claps as he attempted to put the rings on the arms.

Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy in tub

Since this is intended for younger kids, I really like how great it is for hand-eye coordination. It is a toy that both my son and daughter can enjoy and will grow along with my little guy.

Who would you give this toy to? Do you currently own any Nuby products, if so which one?  If not, please visit their website and tell me another product you would like to have.

To learn more about the Nuby visit their website at You can also check them out on Facebook at, Twitter at @nubyusa, Pinterest at, and Instagram at

The Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy is currently available for purchase at Amazon and other retailers.

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Sep 142013
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VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase front view

Thanks to VTech, I was given a Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase to review here on Frugal and Fun Mom with my 13th month old son.

This toy has been a wonderful distraction for my little one, especially when I am working on the computer, cooking, or cleaning.

The Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase is a travel-themed toy with an interactive activity panel.  It has four light-up piano keys, a removable phone, a dog on a plane character, along with 3 removable luggage items including a shirt, hat, and socks.

VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase

The suitcase opens and closes, and the 3 removable items fit through holes in the back of the toy.  Inside there is attached flip book and a lip to store parts. It also includes more than 25 melodies and sing-along songs.

VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase inside

It’s songs have words like, “I’m a great traveler pulling my suitcase here and there…”. and “Open my suitcase, put my things in, close my suitcase…”. In addition, it asks questions to get interaction and it sounds to draw the child’s attention back to it.

The Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase is intended for children Ages 12-36 months and the suggested retail is $36.99.

VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase side

There are so many working parts on this toy to keep my little one entertained. It has flashing lights, pieces that he can pull off, and the songs it plays are fun to listen to.  My son enjoys taking off the phone and pretends that he is talking to his grandma. There is also a section in the back that has slots for the removable pieces. He hasn’t quite mastered opening and closing it yet, but we are working on it. This toy is definitely great for teaching hand-eye coordination.

To learn more about the Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase visit VTech’s website at  You can also follow on Facebook at and Twitter at

What do you like best about the VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase? Who would you give this toy to? 

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Sep 122013
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I was given 4 Sophie la girafe Baby Books to facilitate this review, opinions expressed are that of my own.

Daughter with Sophie la girafe books

DK Publishing asked if I would be interested in reviewing 4 of the first Sophie la girafe baby books here on Frugal and Fun Mom. Since the books are for children ages 0-3 I thought this would be a great collection for my 13 month old son to check out.

Inspired by Sophie la girafe, these books are based on the natural rubber baby teether that has sold over 50 million units worldwide since it was first produced in France in 1961.

Sophie la girafe books

A few days later, I received four board titles including:

• My First: Sophie la girafe® : Let’s Get Counting ($5.99)

• Peekaboo! Sophie la girafe ®: Peekaboo Sophie! ($6.99)

• Baby Touch and Feel: Sophie la girafe ®: Sophie’s Busy Day ($5.99)

• Baby: Sophie la girafe ®: Colors ($6.99)

baby with Sophie la girafe book

Ironically when the package arrived the person most drawn to these books was my 4 almost 5-year-old daughter, she immediately recognized Sophie from a friends toy. Together, she and her brother sat down in the living room and started checking them out.

Just seeing my daughter’s reaction to this series is really exciting because she is interested in the characters. There is Sophie of course, but there is also Lazare the cat, Gabin the bear, Josephine the mouse, Margot the turtle, and Kiwi the bird. Since they are present in each of the books she recognizes them and is intrigued by the stories. He favorite is the Sophie la girafe: Let’s Get Counting.  It goes up to 100 and she was amazed at such a BIG number.

Reading Sophie la girafe books

My daughter has taken them to show her grandparents and has wanted me to tell her the name of the characters so she could “read” the books.  My little guy has been looking them at as well, mostly putting them in his mouth at this point, but there is definitely some competition with his sister to get a hold of them. It is so cute.

From an educational aspect, I like the textures in Peekaboo Sophie, and the Baby Touch and Feel Sophie’s Busy Day.  These are definitely books that will grow with my son, that is after his sister decides to put them down. I look forward to teaching my little guy his colors and numbers with Sophie la girafe : Colors and My First: Sophie la girafe: Let’s Get Counting.

Have you ever heard of Sophie la girafe? Which book do you think your child would enjoy the most?

To learn more about Sophie la girafe books visit DK Publishing. You can also follow them Facebook at or Twitter at @dkpublishing

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Jul 302013
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“Frugal and Fun Mom is a Nuby Mommy Blogger. I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I may receive items to sample or review. Product details were provided. Opinions expressed are that of my own.”

Nuby Booster Seat

Thanks to Nuby, I was sent one of their Booster Seats to review here on Frugal and Fun Mom with my children.

The timing could not have been any better for this, since the baby’s high chair is heading out to storage, and I was in need for a new booster for my daughter and my little guy to use during meals and snack time.

Baby in Nuby Booster Seat

The Nuby Booster Seat has a stylish design with arches in the side that allow for access to underneath. It has safety straps to latch the seat, and to secure a little one to the chair.

This booster holds up to 65 pounds and is recommend for a child who can sit up unsupported. The colors I have seen this available in are blue, green, and pink.

Front of Nuby Booster seat

I like this chair for a couple of reasons.  First, the smooth one level surface makes it is easy to clean. I also like that it is open underneath. The Nuby Booster can stay on and I simply use my hand-held vacuum to get crumbs out from under the seat.  I have an older booster chair that is closed, and I have to remove it completely to get the crumbs. Finally, I like the height of the chair. It puts both my baby and preschooler right up to the table into a great self-feeding position.

Preschooler in Nuby Booster Seat

To learn more about the Nuby Booster Seat , visit

Also check Nuby out on Facebook at,
Twitter at @nubyusa, Pinterest at and
Instagram at

This product is available for purchase at for $19.95.

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Good Luck!


Jul 012013
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“Frugal and Fun Mom is a Nuby Mommy Blogger. I did not receive any compensation for this post, although as part of this program I may receive items to sample or review. Product details were provided. Opinions expressed are that of my own.”

Splish Splash Stackable Cups Nuby Photo

Thanks to Nuby, I was sent Splish Splash Stacking Cups to review with my kids here on Frugal and Fun Mom.

Nuby’s Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups come in a set of 5 and each cup has vibrant colors with a unique raised shape design on top. These cups  fit inside of one another, and can also be stacked. They also have shapes in the bottom which contain holes to create a shower when they are lifted out of the water. This product is recommended for a child 9 Months and up.

My little guy likes banging these cups together and my 4-year-old daughter likes stacking them, creating waterfalls, and pretending that she is drinking out of the cups.

Splish Splash Stackable Cups Nuby

I really like this set because the cups teach hand-eye coordination, and they also teach colors and shapes. In addition, I like that both my 11 month old and 4-year-old can get use out of the set.  Understandably since these cups have raised shapes on the top,  the top color starts to rub off exposing the base plastic the more they are played with.

To learn more about the Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups, visit Also check Nuby out on Facebook at, Twitter at @nubyusa,  Pinterest and Instagram

This product is available for purchase at, and Amazon Nuby 5 Count Splish Splash Stacking Bath Cups.