Aug 222014
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Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

School is back in session, and that means our children will be bringing home works of art, spelling tests, math sheets, and other projects that they are proud of and want to display.

Personally, my regular magnets don’t always do a great job of holding these beautiful creations and “Superstar” school sheets up on my fridge and my husband has the same problem on his file cabinet at work. The papers end up sliding down or falling off all together.

I started to brainstorm on a way that I could show off their prize assignments and also praise them at the same time.

Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

After looking at the crafting supplies, utilizing magnet strips, using an empty cereal box, I have found a solution for this school paper dilemma along with creating a fun craft for my kids. We put together “Superstar” frames!

If you would like to recreate this craft with your own children, you will need:

-An Empty Cereal Box (preferably 12 inches high or more) -Ruler -Scissors -Pencil -Glue -Magnet Stripping (Can be found at craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby) -Stickers, markers, or other items to decorate the frame with like dried macaroni, strips of colored paper, or buttons

Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

To get started, you will first need to cut apart a cereal box, and on the non-decorated side measure out 2 – 12 inches long, 1 1/2 inch wide strips of cardboard. Then, cut these out. Next, measure 2 -10 inches long, 1 1/2 inch wide strips and cut these out.

Glue all four corners together to make a rectangle shape. This should overlap a standard 8X10 piece of paper.

Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

Tip: Depending upon your child’s maturity they may be able to do this, however I went ahead and cut the form out in advance and glued it.

Once the glue dries hand the frame over to your child to decorate it anyway they like.

Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

When they finish, cut strips of the magnet to go along the patterned side of the cardboard. 

After this, lay it over the top of your child’s paper and put it on a fridge or metal file cabinet.

Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

It is that easy, and your children will have a great place to display their AWESOME papers from school!

Looking for others ways to keep your children’s artwork and school papers?

Check out these 3 additional ways:

- Pick up a frame at a craft store and have your child sign their art work. Put it in the frame and find a place in your home to display the creation.

- Take a notebook and add plastic sheet protectors inside. Use each sheet to display 2 pieces of school work front and back and label the notebook with your child’s name and school year. Hand it over to be decorated. They now have a book that is all about them, and their papers are neat, organized, and preserved.

- If you don’t have a notebook and still want to create some type of school book for your child, simply get 2 large pieces of construction paper and put all of the school papers you want to keep between the 2 sheets. Line it up and staple it 3 times along the edge. You now have a book of school work that can be labeled with the school year and the kids can decorate this as well.

Superstar Frame Back To School #Craft #DIY

Have you made a similar craft before?  How do you display your child’s school work.

If you make this with your family, enjoy displaying your child’s accomplishments!


May 272014
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My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

Father’s Day will be here in a few weeks and if you are looking for some gift inspiration, here is a craft that my kids made for their Dad.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

We took everyday household items, along with containers destined for the recycle bin, and turned them into a fun meaningful Father’s Day present.

This can easily be customized to fit with your special Dad’s favorite things like sports or fishing, we decorated our containers with ties.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

To recreate this craft you will need:

- Container  (examples of container are icing, yogurt, spaghetti jar, peanuts, or a coffee tumbler. Tumblers like these can be found at the Dollar Store.)

- Paste

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Construction paper

- Scraps of patterned paper (scrap booking sheets or wrapping paper would work as well)

Optional: Printed strips of “My Dad is special because…”. and Tissue paper.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay


First paste a large piece of construction paper to cover the outside of the container. Then, paste on the ties.

Tip: Cut out one tie to fit the container.  Use this to trace the other ties so they are all the same size.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

Depending upon your child’s age they may be able to put together this craft completely.

I cut out the pieces in advance for my daughter and then let her do all the pasting.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

Next fill out the “My Dad is special because…” and cut this into strips. If you don’t want to use a printer, simply write the entire sentence out on pieces of construction paper.

You will need to fill this in for younger children and older children who can read and write may fill it in by themselves.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

As my children and I sat down and filled the lines in, my kids came up with statements like, “My Dad is special because he rides bikes with me.” or “My Dad is special because reads to me.”

As I read through all the comments it definitely revealed, that it wasn’t the material things that impressed our children the most, but the one on one time.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

After you have completed filling in the sheets of paper, simply fold, and place them into the container. Once all the paper was inside I added a piece of tissue paper and closed it.  

The present is already wrapped and ready to go for Father’s Day.

My Dad Is Special Because Craft! A Kids #DIY Upcycling #Gift For Father’s Day! #FathersDay

When your “Special” Dad opens his gift, he will read all the wonderful things his children have said about him. He can then keep it at work or on a mantle, and the container can also serve as a holder for pens or office supplies.

Looking for other Frugal and Fun Gift Inspirations?

Here are 4 additional ideas:

Coupon Book – Have your children make a Handmade Coupon Book filled with Hug Vouchers, and other things that Dad would appreciate.

Breakfast in Bed – Let your little ones make “Breakfast in Bed”. This could be as easy as cereal or simple meals like toast and jelly. With a little help from a supervising adult, the possibilities are endless.

Car Wash – Set up a Kid’s Hands on Car Wash. Mom provides the supervision, wash rags, buckets, soap, and water. Kids use their cleaning skills.

Popsicle Frames – Either use leftover Popsicle sticks or pick up new at a craft store. Glue 4 together to create a frame. Then, label it Happy Father’s Day with a marker. You can even add adhesive magnets to the back for easy placement on a fridge or metal file cabinet.

What homemade crafts have you made for a special Dad in your life? What has been you favorite one so far?

The most rewarding part of this craft was seeing my husband light up when he read the messages. My 5-year-old daughter said to me “This was a good gift idea”.


Apr 222014
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Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

I went garage sale shopping a couple of weeks ago, and came across 2 neat looking galvanized buckets. They were $2.50 a piece and looked brand new, so I knew I was getting a deal.

I also figured I could turned these into a pretty decorative item, so I bought them and brought them home. I ended up transforming them into a spring decoration.

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations


If you would like to recreate this craft, this is what you will need:

  • Raffia
  • Chalkboard Labels (I bought mine in the scrapbooking area at Micheals)
  • White chalk
  • Newspaper
  • 2 Potted Plants (I used Easter Lilies, however any will do)

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

To get started, first I tied the Raffia around the buckets.  I tied around 10 strands into a bow on each bucket.

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

The Raffia I used was a light spring green that looks similar to this one on Amazon Raffia-spring green. (I actually found mine at the Dollar Store labeled as Easter Grass.)

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

Next, I added the Chalkboard Labels and wrote “Spring” on one and “Time” on the other.

If you are looking for these they are also on Amazon, Chalkboard Stickers.

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

Then, I added newspaper into the bottom of the Galvanized buckets to build it up enough so that the plant and flowers would be well above the top.

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

Once I placed the plants in (I left their wrapping on), I added newspaper to make them the same height and also added newspaper on the sides to secure them.

Tip: I left the wrapping on so I wouldn’t have to worry about water going down into the buckets.  If there isn’t any wrapping, consider reusing a plastic grocery bag to catch water.

Transforming Garage Sale Galvanized Buckets Into Spring Decorations

My spring decoration turn out great, and it was that simple to put together. I figure in the future, I will switch out the plants and the colors of Raffia for the seasons.  This will be neat to incorporate into summer and fall as well.

Have you made something similar?  How do you use Galvanized buckets at your home?

If you try this craft out, let me know how it goes.


Mar 042014
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Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

Easter is right around the corner and it is always fun to do crafts with the kids according to the season. After looking at the supplies I had on hand, I decided we would work on a milk jug upcycling craft.

My daughter and I ended up transforming our containers into Easter Bunnies.

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

To make this craft you will need:

A Milk Jug


Utility Scissors

2 Fuzzy Sticks AKA Pipe Cleaners

A Screwdriver

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

To recreate the craft you will first need to draw the ears.

Tip: To remove the label from the milk jug, tear as much as you can off and then soak in water for a couple minutes.  Then, rub dish soap on it, and scrap it off with your nails. It should come off pretty easy.

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

An adult should then cut the ears out. Safety first so you may want to wear protective gloves as well.

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

Next, poke 2 holes on each side of the face for whiskers, and run 2 pipe cleaners through the holes.

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

Finally, decorate the bunny’s face with markers. I actually drew part of the face for my 5-year-old and she filled in the eyes, nose, and ears.

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

This craft is super easy and can be done in one day.  What is really awesome is it can be displayed immediately!

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

My daughter also wanted to put eggs in hers, so we picked up grass and decorative eggs at a Dollar Store.

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft!

I decided to turn mine into a Milk Jug Planter for previously rooted geraniums, (I poked about 6 holes in the bottom to create drainage) and put it by the front door as an Easter decoration. It is cute and practical.

Have you made a similar craft with your own family?  Do you do anything different?

If you make this with your children, have fun, and ENJOY!


Feb 232014
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St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

I wanted to do something fun for St. Patrick’s Day for my preschooler and oldest child, so we took 2 containers and transformed them into a Pot of Gold Craft.

Keep in mind the fun doesn’t end with the project though, it continues until the actual holiday.

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

Here is what is needed to recreate this craft:

-1 Coffee Ground Container or Peanut Container
-1 piece of Black construction paper
-1 piece of Green construction paper
-1 piece of Yellow or Gold construction paper

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

FYI, I made one in advance as an example for my 5-year-old daughter, and then prepared the parts by cutting them out for her.  She was in charge of the pasting. Depending upon your child’s maturity they may be able to do less or more.

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

Here is the step by step:

First, clean out the containers and dry. Second, line up the black construction paper and cut the extra paper off.  Paste this to the container.

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

Third, trace a 4 leaf clover from the green construction paper and cut it out. I made sure it was taller than the container. 

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

Use this to cover any gap from the black construction paper or place anywhere on the side of the container. Paste this on as well.

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

Finally, use the top to trace a circle on the yellow or gold construction paper.  Discard the tops.

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

After you cut it out, you will need to shave off additional pieces to make it fit into the lip of the container.

This will just lay on top so it can be easily removed.

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

As a reminder, the fun doesn’t end with the craft. The night before, I am going to put goodies from the Dollar Store inside the containers along with some coins.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the kids open up their Pot of Gold and get a surprise!

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft and Activity

My daughter has already told me that she wants me to dress up like a Leprechaun when I put the goodies in!

Do you do anything similar for your kids? How do you set up your craft? If you make one, let me know how it goes!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Jan 222014
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I was provided samples of Oriental Trading Valentine’s Day products to facilitate this post. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

Homemade Valentine's Day Card with Craft Supplies from Oriental Trading

Looking for a simple yet pretty Valentine’s Day Card Craft for your children? Check out this fun candy holder card my kids and I created!

Thanks to Oriental Trading I was sent items to create a fun Valentine’s Day Craft with my kids. Personally, I have shopped their website in the past for items like ornaments, goody bag gifts, and party supplies, and have been pleased with the products I received. I actually got favors for one of my oldest son’s birthday events, and Oriental Trading helped me put the finishing touches on the party theme.

Valentines from Oriental Trading

Just like my previous experiences, I was really happy with merchandise. Having all these supplies on hand was really nice because it made crafting EASY for my kids, but still allowed them to use their creativity. 

Foam Conversation Hearts Stickers from  Oriental Trading

My family was able to assemble Valentine’s Day Cards for school, and also spend some quality time together. Not to mention, we now have plenty of hearts left over to use in other crafts or to make more Valentine’s Day Cards next year.

Pasting doilies onto Homemade Vantines Day Card from Oriental Trading

In order to create our Valentine’s Day Card With Candy Holder Craft, we used:

DIY Valentine Cards with envelopes

Valentine Conversation Adhesive Foam Heart Stickers

Fabulous Foam Adhesive Hearts

Mini Valentine Heart Doilies

Flat Heart Lollipops

Glue Sticks

(I happen to already have the glue sticks on hand, and bought the lollipops at the Dollar Store.)

Foam Heart Stickers from  Oriental Trading

To assemble our cards, first we put a little paste on the bottom of a doily and centered it on the Valentine. We then chose a large heart for the center. For some reason the conversation hearts did not want to stick to doilies, so we added a little paste. Next, we placed 2 small hearts on each side of the doily to create a pocket.

Making Homemade Vantine's Day Card Oriental Trading

After the cards were finished, I instructed the kids to set them aside for the paste to dry.  I also told them to leave the placement of the lollipop up to me.

Place lollipop carefully through hole in doilie

I then put the stem of the lollipop off-center through one of the larger holes in the side of doily. This was right below the edge of the large center foam heart.  

Foam Heart Stickers on Valentine's Day Card  Oriental Trading

I pushed the paper down with my thumb nail as the stem went through. The material is thin so you will need to be careful as you guide it into the doily. Once the lollipops were added to the card, they slide easily into the furnished envelopes.

Making Homemade Valentine's Day Cards with Crafts from Oriental Trading

What kinds of homemade Valentine’s Day Cards have your children made for school? Have you bought items from Oriental Trading company in the past?

Visit Valentine’s Day Crafts at Oriental Trading for more products, and craft ideas. You can also check them out at and Twitter at @orientaltrading.

I hope you and your family enjoy this craft as well!


Jan 202014
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EASY DIY Football Party Centerpiece

I have been planning my “BIG GAME” Day festivities and since I will be having family over, I want to make it festive.  Of course I headed over to a Dollar Store (The Dollar Tree) to look for cute cheap items. While I was there, I found some football shaped plastic serving trays along with matching bowls.

EASY DIY Football Party Centerpiece from the Dollar Store

One of my ideas was to also pick up items to decorate the table, however I did not see anything really intended for a centerpiece.  I then thought “Maybe I could make one”.

Looking around the store I found some foam footballs and then saw the sparkly balloon weights. I had the idea that they might look nice if there were put together. Not to mention the colors represent our favorite Dallas team.

Hot Glue gun for EASY DIY Football Party Centerpiece

Now keep in mind I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to do this, so my first try did not work. I thought I could just glue the ball to the balloon weight. Nope.

Pushing a hole into the foam football for the EASY DIY Football Party Centerpiece

Second try was EASY.  All I did was angle the ball and poke a slit in the side of the foam (off-center) with utility scissors.  The slit was just big enough to fit the metal loop built into the weight. I then put a little glue on the metal loop and pushed this part into the Football. 

Loop inside of Balloon Weight

After that, I arranged the sparkly stems coming out from the balloon weight. That was it, SUPER simple!!!

EASY DIY Football Party Centerpiece Photo

Have you ever created a center piece from a Dollar Store? How will you be decorating for upcoming BIG GAMES?

If you make one of these, let me know how it goes.


Jan 152014
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DIY Valentine's Day Wreath with Fun Fur and LOVE Craft

A few years back I had made a DIY Easter Wreath with Fun Fur and had been wanting to do the same for Valentine’s Day.

Hubby gave me a Gift Card to Michael’s (I also used a Michaels Coupon), and my Mom gave me a Glue Gun for Christmas. I now had what I needed to complete the task.

Valentine's Day Wreath Supplies

If you want to recreate this, here is what you will need:

12 Inch Wreath form

2 Packages of Red Fun Fur

White Glitter Letters that spell LOVE

White Glitter Cardstock Paper

Plain paper



Glue Gun

I estimate that this probably cost me around $15 to make since I already had the glue.

Valentine's Day Wreath 1

First I tied the Fun Fur to the wreath form, and began to wrap it around tightly pushing it together as I went along to eliminate gaps.

Valentine's Day Wreath 5

Once I reached the end of the 1st Fun Fur, I tied the new one on to the existing yarn, and began to wrap again. FYI, sometimes the yarn will fall or get tangled.  Don’t be afraid to cut it and tie it back on again, it blends really easy.

Valentine's Day Wreath Hot Glue

Once I finished, I lined up the letters on the Wreath, and hot glued them directly onto the Fun Fur. Make sure you completely cover the letters with the glue.

Valentine's Day Wreath LOVE

After, I traced hearts I had previously cut out of plain paper, and used those as a guide to cut the forms out of the Glitter Cardstock Paper.

Valentine's Day Wreath 4

I cut these out and made 2 of each.

Valentine's Day Wreath Hearts

This is what they looked like.  I did have to cut them a couple of times to get the desired shape, since the paper is pretty strong.

Valentine's Day Wreath Glitter Cardstock

After that I took a piece of ribbon and looped it in the center so I could hang the wreath up. I then glued the hearts on.

ribbon for Valentine's day Wreath

That was how I created this craft and I think it turned out great.  Overall it took a total of 4-5 hours spread over a couple of days to complete. It is now out on my front door.

Valentine's Day Wreath Love and Hearts Fun Fur

Do you have a similar wreath?  How did you create yours?

If you make one, let me know how it goes!


Jan 152014
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Clock Craft

This is a great way to get kids interested in time and is awesome for hand-eye coordination and to order numbers.

My daughter and I were having a tea party and I also wanted to set up a craft for us to do together.  I decided we would make Clocks out of Paper Plates that I picked up from the dollar store called the Dollar Tree, along with other supplies.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate

This is what we used:

Paper Plate

2 pieces of different colored construction paper

2 different colored Markers

Hole punch



Safety Scissors


Metal Paper Fasteners

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate Fasteners

To get started, I went ahead and blocked the numbers out for my daughter in alternating colors.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate Numbers

I then cut out the hands of the clock and set them up on the plate to make sure they would fit.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate Hands

After centering them and cutting them a little shorter, I used the whole punch.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate Whole Punch

I then lined this up again in the middle and made a circle in the center with a pencil.  This way I would know where to poke the hole for the metal paper fastener.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate with spot marked

After, I poked the hole with a meat thermometer (you could also use an ice pick). I then handed over the plate, numbers, clock hands, paste, metal fastener, and safety scissors to my daughter so she could complete the craft. I suggest adult supervision depending upon the age when working with scissors.

Clock Craft Kit DIY

I had made one of these in advance as a guide, and here is how I finished it.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate 4 corners Numbers on Plate

I placed the 4 numbers first to help line up the others.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate Numbers on Plate

I pasted all the numbers down.

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate with Fastener

I then attached the hands with the metal fastener, and that was it. (FYI, I found these at Kmart.) 

Clock Craft Made With Paper Plate Assembled

As my daughter put hers together, we discussed the order of numbers and the best way to place them. She was able to finish up her part of the craft with ease.  We then talked about what time it was, and moved the hands to the proper spot. After that we hung our clocks up for all to see!

Have you made a craft like this at home with your kids? What did you use?

If you try this out with your kids, let me know how it goes.


Dec 032013
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Hurricane Vase Decorated for Christmas

Back in October, I had shared an article called Transforming A Hurricane Vase Into A Fall Decoration which discussed how I decorate my hurricane vase for Autumn.

Now that the Christmas season is here, it is time to freshen it up with a Winter theme.

Hurricane Vase with Snowman Ribbon

The “How To” on this is really easy. Simply put pine cones in first, position a candle in the middle (the top should be above the pine cones and move them around until the candle is secure and center), then add your ribbon last.  If you burn your candle, as always it should not be left unattended. 

I suggest using a ribbon that has the built-in wire along the edges making it easier to mold it into place. Once I tied my bow and got the ribbon size I wanted, I cut off the extra and twirled the ends.

Hurricane Vase Decorated for Christmas with pine cones

Since my vase was already set up, I kept the pine cones in place and added a Snowman Ribbon I had previously bought from Michaels.  I then added a small red candle I already had on hand. I suggest looking at the Dollar Store for a candle and ribbon. 

If you don’t have a Hurricane Vase take a look at Wal-Mart, Michaels (use a coupon), or ones like these Hurricane Vases, at Amazon. Mine is 12 inches tall by 7 inches wide. Obviously, if you have a pine tree, you can pick the cones up for free.

Do you own a Hurricane Vase?  If so, how do you decorate yours for the different seasons?

When winter is over, I will simply replace the ribbon, pine cones, and candle and make a new spring related creation.