Jul 292014
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Fuel Rewards Network Program. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

How To Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network #FuelRewards

The Fuel Rewards Network loved my 1st post so much, Save Money on Gas and Enter a $25 Shell Gift Card GIVEAWAY, they gave me another Shell Gift Card to giveaway.

As you can tell by my tweets below, I have been taking full advantage of the program and SAVING MONEY on gas.


For more details about the program be sure CLICK HERE—> Fuel Rewards Network

Have you signed up for the Fuel Rewards Network? What is your favorite way to save with this program?

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Thanks to the Fuel Rewards Network, I have been authorized to giveaway a $50 Shell Gift Card to 1 Lucky Frugal and Fun Mom Reader.

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Jul 182014
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Frugal Summer Activities for kids

I am about halfway through my kid’s summer vacation and there have been a few days where that I have gotten the “Bored Look”. We still have a way to go till school starts, and through personal experience, here are 5 Frugal Summer Activities that will keep the kiddos entertained.

1.  Dress Up - I keep all of the past Halloween Costumes, beads from Parades, old purses, and sunglasses so that my children have items to play dress-up in. I put them in a tote and when the kids get bored, I bring it out and let their creativity soar.

Dress Up Summer Activity

2. Water Colors – I picked up 3 sets of Water Color Paints for $1.99 each at Michaels.  I gave the kids a theme, construction paper, and they tried to create it in art.  Other times, I just tell them to use their imagination, and I end up with plenty of unique pieces to show for it.

One time I asked my son to create a beach scene for his bathroom, check it out here Frame Your Child’s Original Themed Artwork! Frugal and Fun Decorating Idea!

Homemade Artwork by Kids

3. Movie Time – I take advantage of the RedBox for an over night rental and we also subscribe to Netflix. If you are looking for FREE Movies, check out your local Library.

Watching FREE Big G Digital Movie Download and eating Trail MiX

4. Jewelry Making – My kids have loom band kits, and we also have a bead kit that I bought at Michaels on clearance. FYI, I see these on clearance frequently so you can also pick these up cheaper.

Here is an example of a kit we used Making Homemade Beaded Bracelets! A Surprisingly Easy Craft for the Kids!

Making Homemade Beaded Bracelets!  A Surprisingly Easy Craft for the Kids!

5. Cereal Play- You can do a lot with cereal. Whether making edible jewelry, creating artwork, or coming up with games. For ideas, check out my post on 4 Fun Crafts and Activities to Do with Froot Loops! Frugal and Fun Child Activities!

Froot Loop Activities

What are your “Go To” activities to beat summer boredom? I would love hear your ideas!

I hope you can get some fun activity inspiration from this post and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Jul 032014
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Fuel Rewards Network Program. I was provided Gift Cards to test and review the service and program details in this post a from the FRN website. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

How To Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network #FuelRewards

Summer is here and that means we will be spending extra money on gas for daily staycation road trips, and long term vacations! If you have been looking for savings on fuel, then you probably have been scouting local stations for the cheapest price in town!

Shell in partnership with the Fuel Rewards Network has made this pursuit easier by turning everyday purchases into cash rewards at the pump!

How To Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network #FuelRewards

Just this week I save an additional .20 cents when I fueled up a local Shell Station!

If you also want to start taking advantage of these lower prices, first you will need to sign up for FREE at fuelrewards.com. Next, you will receive a Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) Card to use at participating Shell stations nationwide.

So how can you turn purchases into Fuel rewards? There are actually MANY ways to save!

How To Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network #FuelRewards

  • Grocery & Other Programs – Buy everyday things you need and earn Fuel Rewards savings from participating BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, Homeland, and other grocery retailers. Link the FRN Card and your participating grocer or other retailer loyalty card to combine your rewards for even more savings at the pump at Shell in select markets. After you are set up, you can also use the eCoupons powered by SavingStar available at FRN. Not only will you save at the register when you use a ecoupon, but you will also earn Fuel Rewards savings on those items as well.
  • Shopping through the EXCLUSIVE Online Mall – Get access to nearly 700 brand name online merchants like JC Penney, Macy’s, Home Depot and more. They are offering 5 cents per gallon for every $50 you spend. Some merchants may even offer 2x, 5x, 10x rewards or even more.
  • Dining – Earn 10 cents per gallon for every $50 you spend when you dine at more than 10,000 participating restaurant locations. Simply link up credit cards to start getting credit.
  • Shopping at Shell – earn when you buy specially-marked convenience store products or services, like car washes and auto services at participating Shell stations. Plus you can also earn additional rewards if you purchase “Gift Cards” at a special Kiosk located in-store.
  • Fuel Rewards Network Mastercard – Shop with your Fuel Rewards Network MasterCard and earn on everyday purchases. Plus, you are automatically enrolled in any MasterCard bonus offers throughout the year.

 How To Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network #FuelRewards

I only recently started using my card and outside of any special promotion, I automatically saved .03 cents.  After I linked up my Winn Dixie Card and made a few purchases, I was able to take advantage of the .20 cents in savings reward. Right now I have a  new .10 reward that I can use.

Just today, I just connected my credit card to earn rewards with dining, and I can’t wait to see how many rewards I accumulate with that.

Want to also start saving MONEY at the PUMP and join for FREE?

Visit fuelrewards.com for more details. Signing up is really easy and once you get your card you will be able to use it immediately.

For special offers and promotions, don’t forget to check out Fuel Rewards Network on Facebook at facebook.com/fuelrewards and on Twitter at @FuelRewards.

Have you signed up for the Fuel Rewards Network? What is your favorite way to save with this program?


And thanks to the Fuel Rewards Network, I have been authorized to giveaway a $25 Shell Gift Card to 1 Lucky Frugal and Fun Mom Reader.  

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Jul 152013
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Homemade face scrub

Don’t get me wrong, I love to visit my local spa to get a facial, or pick up products for exfoliation, however since I am frugal and mindful of my budget, I do try to make what I can at home for skin care.

A few years back, I did some research on Do It Yourself Face Scrubs. I read that Honey and Olive Oil naturally moisturize and Sugar helps your skin rejuvenate its cells. After reading this and looking at other recipes, I created my own exfoliation mix.

I suggest doing this scrub before you go to bed.  If you apply this to your feet, afterward make sure you put on some socks so you don’t slip.

DIY Face Scrub Exfoliation

Here is the recipe:

1/4 cup of Sugar
1/4 cup of Olive Oil
1 tsp of Honey
1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Directions: Mix all these together and apply to your skin. How I applied this is further down the page.

Tip: Before you apply this all over, you should test a small area to make sure you don’t have a reaction. This mix works for me, however, I am not a dermatologist so if you have sensitive skin definitely keep that in mind before your apply anything to your face.

DIY Face Scrub Exfoliation Mix

I rubbed this mix onto my face in circles and kept it away from my eyes. (Be careful of your eyes, since that skin is very sensitive and you don’t want to get sugar in them). I then let the mixture sit on my face as I applied it to my hands, feet, and elbows. I then rinsed it all off.

DIY Face Scrub Exfoliation on Hand

My skin is soft after I do this, and my pores look great.  It feels so good to spoil myself, and it feels great that I didn’t spend a fortune on pampering.

Looking for other ideas for scrubs, tips, hair treatments, and much more? Check out the links below:

Natural Living For Women

Skin Care Recipes and Remedies

Do you make your own scrub at home?  What ingredients do you use?

If you try it out, let me know what you think.


Jun 282013
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This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

Milk Jugs into Flower pots decorating

Summer vacation is here, and I have been trying to come up with some crafts that the kiddos and I can do together.  Since I am never at a loss for milk jugs, I decided to keep a few, and turn them into some type of frugal upcycling project.

After some brainstorming and a look at the supplies I had on hand, my daughter and I would transform these jugs into flower pots.

Milk Jugs into Flower pots

To complete this project, all you need is the following:

- Milk Jug

- Utility Scissors

- Screwdriver or Ice pick

- Markers

- Garden Soil 

- AND Creativity!

Tip: To remove the label from the milk jug, tear as much as you can off and then soak in water for a couple minutes.  Then, rub dish soap on it, and scrap it off with your nails. It should come off pretty easy.

Milk Jugs into Flower pots decorated

I made a template so my daughter would have an idea of what this would become, and I made up a little design.  Of course she had her own ideas. I think they are beautiful ideas.

Milk Jugs into Flower pots finished

Once the artwork was finished, I cut off the top of the jug by removing the lid and just going along the side.  I kept the handle in the back for easy transport.  In addition, I used the screwdriver to poke holes in the bottom for drainage. I put around 10 holes. FYI, I did all of the cutting and poking to keep my little one safe.

Milk Jugs into Flower pots planting

After this, we headed outside and I let my daughter add in all of the soil. If you are looking for a brand of garden soil, check out Miracle-Gro for your gardening needs. I then dug up shoots of plants I already had in my yard. 

Milk Jugs into Flower pots plants in

Check out our finished project!  

I think these pots would also be great for herbs. And yes the holes do work for drainage! I guess now I'll need to pick up some Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food to keep these plants alive.

Looking for your own garden inspiration?  Visit Miracle Gro's Pinterest board for fun garden projects or check out Miracle-Gro on Facebook at The Gro Project.

You can also watch the following video to get motivated!

What special garden projects do you have planned with your family? If you try this one out, let me know what you think!


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Jun 022013
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When we moved into our house back in October 2011, my son’s bathroom had a border with a beach scene and some beach related decor over the toilet.

My son wanted to keep with this theme, and in the meantime, my sister-in-law gave the kids some sea shells.  So, I went out and bought a glass vase from Walmart for $3 and put the sea shells in it, and I asked my son if he would like to paint an original water-color picture of a beach scene to decorate his bathroom as well.

Of course my kids jump at any opportunity to paint, so I gave him a little direction of what I was looking for and he painted original artwork for his bathroom.  In addition, I picked up a distressed looking picture frame from Michaels for $5.00 to place it in.

I already had the supplies on hand, so for $5.00 I now have an original priceless piece of artwork hanging in my son’s bathroom.

I also had him sign it as all artists do, and I put the date and his full name on the back of the picture. Of course he is extremely proud of this accomplishment and I think it is beautiful!

Have you done anything similar to this with your own children? I would love to hear your stories.


Apr 262013
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list for meals

O.K., I have to admit it, I have been a bit of a frugal slacker. 

Since the birth of baby #3  we have been eating out a little more, and although it was yummy on many occasion, we have been spending money that we could have been saving. I don’t mind going out for a treat now and again, or taking advantage of a kids eat free deal, but the reality is I could have been duplicating many of these meals at home for a fraction of the cost.

So to help get us back on track to eat at home, I enacted the Weekly Dinner ListThis is not a new idea and I’m sure you have seen it other places. This is not high-tech by any means either, I just jot it down on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge. You may have even done this yourself. Don’t get me wrong, this is not set in stone either. I have changed the menu up a few times when I realized I was missing an ingredient.

Kids Salad Bar 003

I also got the kids involved in this process. On the car ride home from school we brainstorm for meal ideas, and I then write it down. My 7 year old son is really excited about this since he gets to help choose dinner, and after we eat, he even makes sure to scratch out what we had (just in case I forget what day it is).  He told his grandma one night, “I have to get home, it is Meatloaf night and I love Meatloaf”. 

This has also put me on a personal mission to try new recipes.  I even tried my own version of a few I saw at the Publix Aprons display in store. In the process, we have also had the Kids Size Salad Bar one night and Spinach and Apple Salad as a side. Plus, the list allows me to plan in advance, which makes me more likely to stick to it.  

What are your children’s favorite recipes?  Is there a restaurant favorite that you have learned to duplicate at home? (Feel free to share the recipes below.)

We only went out for pizza once so far, so I think it is working. I’ll just have to keep at it.


Dec 082012
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I wanted to do something fun with the kids this afternoon, so I put together this Snowman craft. I had seen something similar to this as a free craft event and thought, I bet I can I figure out how to do that myself at home. It was really easy to implement and the biggest part was cutting out the pieces to be glued onto the body of the snowman.


All you need for this craft is:

  • scissors
  • pieces of construction paper in orange, brown, black, and red.  You can use any other colors as well
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • hole punch
  • craft sticks (aka popsicle sticks) and if you don’t have craft sticks try using pencils or sticks from a tree.

I went ahead and made an example in advance for my kids to follow.  I simply glued three cotton balls to the top of the popsicle stick and attached the various items for clothing to the cotton balls with glue. After this, I then cut out some more scarfs, hats, skirts, and arms from the construction paper for the kids to use.  However, I let them use the hole punch to make circles for buttons, mouths, and eyes.

I had to supervise my 4-year-old with the glue, but I did let my 6-year-old do it all by himself.  They each made a Snowman and a Snow-woman. Both kids had a blast making this craft.

As a suggestion, you could easily turn these Snow people into magnets by gluing a strip magnet to the back.  Also, they could be an ornament by tying a ribbon on before you put all of the parts on the stick, or gluing a ribbon to the back. I think my kids are going to use them as puppets. They’ll probably end up in a potted plant for me to enjoy.

I hope you and your family enjoy this craft, and Happy Holidays!


Dec 042012
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I am a huge fan of Bar Keeper’s Friend when it comes to cleaning my home.  It has a light smell, and it is extremely effective.  I use it to scrub the shower, my sinks, and I even use it on my kids play table when they get crayons and markers on the surface.

Right now there is a coupon for .50 available for print! If you are a fan as well, I figured you might be interested! FYI, they carry it at Walmart and Target.

CLICK HERE–>$0.50 off ONE (1) BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cleanser. Only available while supplies last.

Plus, check out these ways I Use It For Home Improvement!

I Got My Grout Clean Today! A Frugal Living Tip!

I Got My Smooth Top Range Clean Today! A Frugal Living Tip!


Nov 042012
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Looking for a way to get grout clean? My method may be your solution.

We moved into our house back in October, and one of the challenges I have faced is keeping the almost white surfaces, almost white. Off white tile, grout, and white Berber carpets would not have been my first choice of colors with the traffic we produce, but the house had so many other great features I was willing to deal with it.

Well, it is almost a  year later and needless to say with 2 dogs, a cat, 2 mobile kids and 2 adults, the grout is not as pretty anymore. And since I really don’t want to pay a professional to come in and clean it unless absolutely necessary, I figured I would give it a try.



Not to long ago, I had tried using Bar Keepers Friend on my Smooth Top Range, and it did wonders, so I figured I would try it out on the grout.

So first off, I tested a small area with the Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polish, to verify that I would not ruin it, but it worked fine.  I also checked their site to see if they recommended it for this surface, barkeepersfriend.com/tile-and-groutand they did.




Here are the tools that I needed to complete the task; A thin scrubbing brush, a cup with water, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polishand paper towels.



How I did it:

I poured a little bit of the Bar Keepers Friend on the grout, wet the brush, scrubbed until clean, and then used a damp paper towel to clean off the dirt and the left over cleaner.


It did an awesome job and Hubby even mentioned how nice it looked. I am really excited about this outcome!  Now, keep in mind this may not work for everyone’s surface so I definitely recommend testing a small area first.

Do you have any tips as well for cleaning a Grout?  I would love for you to comment below, so it can be shared with others.