Keurig Vue House Party! We Had a Great Time Tasting all the Flavors!

Keurig Vue House Party 6

  Thanks to Keurig and House Party, I was selected to participate in a Keurig Vue House Party Event. You can probably imagine how excited I was to receive all of these items in the mail for FREE. Plus, I was looking forward to having guests come over and try out all the product as well. Any excuse to […]

New House Party Opportunity 2,000 Spots! Host a Keurig Vue House Party!

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Head on over to House Party to apply for this Keurig Vue Event! If selected, your FREE exclusive Party Pack, which will contain: Keurig® Vue® packs Keurig® Vue® apron Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids Brew Over Ice tumblers Cookies to accompany your beverages After Coffee Signature Peppermints Exclusive savings And a special surprise! CLICK HERE–> Host a Keurig Vue House Party to […]

The Kids Had a Great Time at the Expo Washable Markers House Party Event!

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My daughter is enjoying using her new erase board and markers!   I was selected to host a Expo Washable Marker Event this past Saturday, and we had a blast! Since summer vacation just started, I knew this would be a great party to host because most of the moms I know are looking for activities […]

Pull-Ups Potty Dance Day House Party. What a Blast!

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The kiddos doing the potty dance! I was given the opportunity to participate in the Pull-Ups Do the Potty Dance Houseparty through on March 5th, 2011. This was a great experience for me, because it gave my daughter and I some one on one time before the event to practice the dance moves together. It […]