MommyParties Premama Prenatal Vitamin Event! Check Out This Product That Dissolves In Liquid!

Premama Event Goodies

      Thanks to Premama and MommyParties, I was chosen to host an event for Premama Prenatal Vitamin Powdered Supplement Mix . I was sent samples of the product to distribute to other moms along with a gift card to go out and purchase beverages to sample the mix in.  Plus, I had a prize to giveaway.     Premama’s Prenatal […]

Welcome to the World Baby Nicholas!

Nicholas in Twotara

Last Thursday morning around 2:00am, my water broke and by 7:45 am I got to meet the newest addition to our family, Baby Nicholas. He was 9lbs 2 ounces 21 inches, and is just the sweetest little baby. We made this a family event at the hospital, with Dad,  both kids, my Mom, Sister in law, and […]

37 Weeks (Maybe) Pregnant and Counting! I’m In The Homestretch!

Home Stretch with Pregnancy

  So here I am at 37-39 weeks and counting and I feel like I am about to burst!  My bag is packed, the baby’s room is finished, and everything has been sterilized. Now I get to wait and see if I make it to my C-sec date, or I go earlier. These are definitely […]

Review of Premama Prenatal Powdered Supplement Mix. A Drinkable Prenatal Vitamin! Plus, I’m Giving Away a 30 Day Supply!

Premama Samples

  Thanks to Premama and MomSelect, I was chosen to review a new Prenatal Powdered Supplement Mix here on Frugal and Fun Mom. Personally I am not a fan of big horse pills  and was excited to hear about a prenatal vitamin that came in a powder form that could be mixed with water or other drinks. Premama’s […]

It Is The Final Countdown! The C-Section Is Scheduled.


I had my 32 or 34 week (depends who you ask) appointment today, and the C-Section has been officially set for the first of August. Now do I think that I am actually going to go that far “No”, but it is a nice idea.  My son was not a scheduled C-Section, and my daughter came 2 days before […]

Last Trimester…Boy Do I Feel It!

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Maybe 8 months or not? So I have entered the last trimester of this pregnancy, and I am starting to get really slow moving. Just getting out of bed is a struggle and I feel like my back is going to give out on me at any moment. What is weird, is this is the […]

Do You Know What a Rhogam Injection Is? The Pregnancy Continues…

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When I became pregnant with my first child, I definitely was on a roller coaster ride of education.   Of course, I bought a ton of books, read the materials the doctor gave me, and listened to all of the stories and incidents my friends and family filled me in on. One of the interesting […]