Homemade Exfoliant Face Scrub! DIY With 4 Household Ingredients!


Homemade face scrub

Don’t get me wrong, I love to visit my local spa to get a facial or pedicure. However since I am frugal and mindful of my budget, I do try to make what I can at home.  This time I made a Homemade Exfoliant Face Scrub.

A few years back, I did some research on Do It Yourself Face Scrubs. I read that Honey and Olive Oil naturally moisturize and Sugar helps your skin rejuvenate its cells. After reading this and looking at other recipes, I created my own exfoliation mix.

I suggest doing this scrub before you go to bed.  If you apply this to your feet, afterward make sure you put on some socks so you don’t slip.

DIY Face Scrub Exfoliation

Here is the recipe:

1/4 cup of Sugar
1/4 cup of Olive Oil
1 tsp of Honey
1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Directions: Mix all these together and apply to your skin. How I applied this is further down the page.

Tip: Before you apply this all over, you should test a small area to make sure you don’t have a reaction. This mix works for me, however, I am not a dermatologist so if you have sensitive skin definitely keep that in mind before your apply anything to your face.

DIY Face Scrub Exfoliation Mix

I rubbed this mix onto my face in circles and kept it away from my eyes. (Be careful of your eyes, since that skin is very sensitive and you don’t want to get sugar in them). I then let the mixture sit on my face as I applied it to my hands, feet, and elbows. I then rinsed it all off.

DIY Face Scrub Exfoliation on Hand

My skin is soft after I do this, and my pores look great.  It feels so good to spoil myself, and it feels great that I didn’t spend a fortune on pampering.

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Do you make your own scrub at home?  What ingredients do you use?

If you try it out, let me know what you think.



  1. StayAtHomeMom says:

    Here is another site I found with some recipes: http://www.healthrecipes.com/homemade_beauty_recipes.htm

  2. Michelle Andreu says:

    I heard that brown sugar works great too!

  3. StayAtHomeMom says:

    Also, brown sugar is supposedly not as harsh as regular sugar. So if you do have sensitive skin, it might be a better alternative.

  4. I love using exfoliants. My skin feels so good after I use them.

  5. this sounds like a good face scrub i need to try out :) thanks for sharing it!

  6. I bet this smells so good! Thanks for sharing, love DIY beauty and home products.

  7. I make something similar to this for my skin. It feels so good afterwards.

  8. love this… I bet your hands will be sooo soft afterwards; soo have to try it… thanks fr sharing… #DIY pampering is my favorite….

  9. What a fun idea! I need to try this on my dry skin.

  10. I can’t believe it’s so easy to make this with simple household ingredients. It’s amazing how much one can save if you do it yourself.

  11. I made this today but I used coconut oil instead of olive oil (I use it so much for cooking!). I wanted to eat it! My face feels oh-so-smooth AND I could lick my lips, haha. Thanks!

  12. I like to use Kosher Salt and Coconut Oil as a Body Scrub. To use on the face, put the Kosher Salt in the coffee grinder until you have a fine grind and apply to face. You can also add used Coffee Grinds. The caffeine acts as a stimulant and is supposed to tighten the skin.

  13. Samantha says:

    Is it possible to make this and store it?

  14. Im going to try this out tonight, Yesterday was my first milk bath, and today face scrub (-; I bet it smells good enough to eat. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Pinned!

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