Inexpensive and Easy Dessert Shortcuts Made With R.M. Palmer Halloween Chocolate Candy!


I was provided information and free R.M. Palmer Halloween candy to inspire my creations and facilitate this post. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

Bags of Palmer Candy

Even though I love to be crafty and enjoy make goodies from scratch, I don’t always have the time nor the budget to create elaborate desserts at home. Thanks to the R.M. Palmer Company, I was sent a variety of decorative Halloween chocolates to give me inspiration, and to help create easy dessert shortcuts.

When I received the box of goodies, I opened up the bags and poured the candies onto the table for my kids to take a look at. The packaging was so colorful that the candies looked great surrounding my centerpiece.  My kids and I immediately started opening them up and taste testing.

Varieties of Palmer Halloween Candy

I usually purchase Palmer Chocolates at Easter in the form of Bunnies, and did not realize that they made such elaborate chocolates for Halloween. The candies included peanut butter cups that looked like pumpkins, fudge filled candies in the shape of skulls, double crisps in the form of eyeballs, and so much more. I even got a package of Snappin’ Skulls which are crispy chocolate made with Pop Rocks (FYI, they do pop).

R. M. Palmer Candy used as cupcake decoration

Each chocolate has its own unique design with some including different colors.  They are really cute, and I look forward to handing these out this year to the kids. They also taste really good and are rich, so I’ll be setting aside a few for the adults.

Palmer Halloween Candy be found at more than 80,000 stores nationwide and they come in an up to 3 pound bag. The suggested retail price is $9.99.

Upclose photo of peanut butter cup  Palmer Candy

Once we figured out what kinds of chocolate we had, I brought out some box-made Devil’s Food cupcakes for us to decorate. Talk about minimal effort. All we did was add icing and place the candies on top.  The cupcakes looked like they required a lot of work however they were easy to create.

I gave a few of these to my neighbor, and took some up to my son’s school. The responses I received were extremely positive.  I heard comments like, “These are too pretty to eat.”, and “The cupcakes were so good, and those chocolates were amazing.”. These worked out well and my family didn’t mind eating them either.

Palmer candy on desserts

In addition to the cupcakes, I also made cookie brownie bars from a box that I got on sale, and used the candies to dress them up. I just took a little of the left over icing and used that to adhere the chocolate to the top.  I then put the finished product into decorative candy bags so they could be handed out easier. A few of these are going to my kids teachers, and I will also be giving them out to my neighbors.

Palmer Halloween desserts in packages

These desserts were so much fun to create and really got me into the Halloween spirit.  Now that I know I can put something like this together that easy, I will be doing it in the future. I think these would make a wonderful addition to office parties, school events, and Halloween celebrations.

Palmer candy halloween

Do you make any special treats for Halloween? If so, do you use any shortcuts?

Looking for Halloween inspiration? 

R.M. Palmer Company has a NEW Halloween Website, for Halloween with easy and inexpensive craftsrecipes, and party decor. You can find ways to create a Zombie Dirt Dessert, Halloween Party Towers, and Trick-or-Treat packs.

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  1. My kids would have a blast with these!

  2. What clever ideas. We actually have a Palmer Candy plant in our town. They make such great candy.

  3. Super cute ideas! Love the simplicity of it and what a difference the fun shapes make in jazzing up the dessert. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh how cute! They look great on top of cupcakes and who doesn’t love the extra surprise?

  5. I love these ideas and tips. Every year I say that I’m not going to spend as much money on sweets as the year before and, every year I spend way too much money. I love the idea of making these on a small budget.

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